“The Message” Theme Song by Chen Chusheng Released

Long time no see Chen Chusheng. When we last left him, he had disappeared, unhappy with eeMedia.¬† Now he’s turned up again¬† in the MV for the Message‘s Theme Song, looking gaunt and singing a song that doesn’t seem to quite fit his voice. Although I suppose it’s a bit more suited to him than the Shampoo commercials (yes, seriously) he had to do with eeMedia.

His pathos certainly reflects the state of the characters in the movie, whom all seem to be tortured, psychologically or physically. This will be a tragedy and Chen Chusheng the Greek chorus.

We just hope that this doesn’t carrying over into real life, where Hua Yi has announced they will sign him, and with a six year contract at the minimum. While I’m happy for Chen Chusheng, and would love to hear more of his compositions, this announcement doesn’t bode well for Hua Yi-eeMedia relations.


Hua Yi Spares No Expense for The Message


The Message (Feng Sheng) movie continues to get the special treatment from Hua Yi, at this point clearly the most powerful entertainment company in China. Earlier, I mentioned that in a strange and rare move, Hua Yi had casted all of its biggest stars for Sound of Wind…Zhou Xun, Li Bingbing, Huang Xiaoming, and Zhang Hanyu, showing how important it was to them. Even Alec Su has been relegated to a supporting role. Now with pictures revealing the rich detail of the set, it’s shown that Hua Yi is sparing no expense for the production costs either, saying it was “without limits”. Zhou Xun marveled excitedly that it’s the most lavish set she’s ever been on, and both she and Li Bingbing says that this will be the new definitive work of their career.

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Chengtian and Hua Yi Begin Looking for Younger Talent

Two of China’s biggest entertainment companies are expanding and actively looking to train new talent.

Hua Yi, only five years ago a small company in China, has had a phenomenal year, with the economic situation not hurting them at all. In fact they have essentially said that they have simply too many productions going on.

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Hua Yi Entertainment Releases its 2009 Monthly Calendar

Guess who’s February?


Yup, BoBo, whose tag on this site must be getting enormous. What can I say? These boys are newsmakers and their news will continued to be posted here. More pictures of the calendar with stars under their company here though you may not recognize a lot of them, except Li Bing Bing, Lu Yi and Vivian Hsu. They picked a eclectic mix of from their old and new stars, not necessarily the most famous (or photogenic) ones. Beijing-based Hua Yi Brothers wasn’t nearly as big on the Chinese entertainment scene five years ago but have quickly become one of the most powerful companies in China, and will be shaping China’s entertainment scene for years to come.

As usual, something as simple as a calendar has turned into a big long spiel on China’s entertainment scene in my hands and again a post on why I like BoBo. Bear with me.

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