Stars enter jianghu for Cosmo Glam Night 2020

All aboard the Ni Ni and Liu Shishi ship!

Cosmo Glam Night‘s photos took on the Fearless Jianghu theme, and they look pretty good. I just wish more actors had time to take these. Which looks are your favourite?

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Promo Round-up: You Complete Me

You Complete Me stars Hu Yitian as the ambitious hero who approaches the heroine (Qiao Xin) with an ulterior motive yet falls in love with her instead.

The 40 episode drama will be subbed on WeTV, and releases 2 episodes every Wednesday to Friday beginning tonight. Members get a 6 ep headstart, and can unlock more episodes at an extra cost beginning Dec 16th.

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Hu Yitian, Xing Fei begin filming Hello, The Sharpshooter

Hello, The Sharpshooter 你好神枪手 stars Xing Fei as Tang Xin, the reporter of a sports television channel. She is tasked with interviewing the winner of the 50 metre rifle prone championships (Hu Yitian), who also happens to be the coach she had a crush on four years ago.

Helmed by Liu Yizhi (The Negotiator), the Tencent web drama began filming today.

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Six actors mix-and-match for a Chinese Valentine’s Day promo

Zhao Lusi and Lin Yanjun already look cute together and they’re just standing around.

Three actors and three idol-turned-actors mix-and-match for this cute school romance shoot for Chinese Valentine’s Day. There’s Ding Yuxi and Zhou Jieqiong, Zhao Lusi and Lin Yanjun, and Hu Yitian and Jiang Zhenyu. The dialogue is a bit awkward, but they’re all really cute. Which pair do you want to see for a full-out drama?

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June Celebrity Schedules

Luo Yunxi, Immortality

At the beginning of the month many celebrity workshops will put out a tentative schedule to let fans know what they’re up to. Here’s June’s with what film projects everyone’s attached to. Partly due to a pause in filming due to the coronavirus, June is a pretty busy month with almost all A-lister drama actors filming.

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Review: My Roommate is a Detective

My Roommate is a Detective is one of the most hilarious offerings in drama land right now that’s more enjoyable as a sit-com than a detective mystery. Hu Yitian plays consulting detective Lu Yao, a goofier version of Sherlock Holmes who loves to snack on baked plant seeds. He’s definitely more expressive here than in The Handsome Siblings, and provides much of the comedy in the show.

The drama is available English subbed on Youtube here.

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