Music Monday: 2019 drama soundtracks edition

I find all the character relationships in this drama to be very interesting, but my top three would have to be Crown Prince x Emperor, Crown Prince x Lu Wenxi and Lu Wenxi x Crown Princess.

A good original soundtrack / theme song always makes the drama-watching experience more enjoyable, so I’ve included the theme songs and instrumentals that have really impressed me this year. Which drama soundtracks made an impression on you this year?

Royal Nirvana: Instrumentals by Ah Kun

As long as Royal Nirvana doesn’t derail in the last half, then this series will be my favourite drama of the year.
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All ears for Alec Su’s directorial debut


How many left ears can you count in this picture?

Alec Su’s directorial debut The Left Ear. released its first glimpses of the female lead, a new song, and a new set of posters featuring the leads Ou Hao, Chen Duling,  Yang Yang, Ma Sichun, Guan Xiaotong, Hu Xia, and Duan Bowen.

The film airs on April 30th in an attempt to get a head start on Yang Mi and Huang Xiaoming’s You’re My Sunshine  and Li Yu’s Ever Since We Love  starring Fan Bingbing and Han Geng, which one do you see doing the best?

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The Left Ear splashed in color for character posters


Yang Yang is so pretty I want to see both of his ears. 

Ou Hao, Yang Yang, Hu Xia, and Duan Bowen are dunked in colorful paint for the latest set of character posters for The Left Ear. The Alec Su film is set to air on April 1st this year, and still haven’t released photos of its female lead.

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Alec Su directorial debut releases trailer


Alec Su tries to launch new actors like Ou Hao and Yang Yang to the success he once enjoyed.

Once a youth icon himself, Alec Su revisits the popular themes of youths and high school once more in his directorial debut, The Left Ear 左耳.     First glimpses of the mostly new male cast of Ou Hao, Yang Yang, Hu Xia, and Duan Bowen were released this week.

Fun fact: Jiang Jinfu and Lin Gengxin were the cover models for the book before going into acting.  How do you think the new cast compare?

Vae, Huang Ling, Hu Xia sing in watercolor

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 2.04.13 PM

Huang Ling’s seductive voice joins Vae as a fox spirit for his latest ZhongGuoFeng  MV from his new album, Why not just drink tea 不如吃茶吧.  Huang Ling’s voice is always beautiful, and Vae’s production qualities has definitely increased tenfolds since joining OceanDisk, but just as impressive is the gorgeous watercolor MV’s from Vae’s entire album. Directed by JP Huang, the MV’s use a watercolor palette combined with lots of nature scenery and visual techniques to match Vae’s music style.

Huang Ling ft Vae in 惊鸿一面. The MV is probably my least favorite of the three, but it has my favorite song:

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Music Monday: January 6, 2014

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

Every time I finish Music Monday I tell myself “I will do this over the weekend next time.” But next time comes around and I’m still doing it on Monday… *hanging head in shame*

Here’s a peace-offering – The CD version of the smoke covered collaborative song by Zhang Liang 张亮 and Tiantian 天天(张悦轩) I am Not An Idol 我不是男神, written for him by Ning Huanyu.

(12 videos below the cut)
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The Four 2, detective wuxia turned fantasy?

Artsy mash-up poster for The Four 2, which finally abandons the last pretense of being a wuxia film  and goes into fantasy.

While we wait on the upcoming drama version of “The Four,”  the film version has already released their second installment,   The Four 2 starring Deng Chao, Liu Yifei, Jiang Yiyan, Wu Xiubo and Liu Yan.  Following director Gordon Chan‘s previous Painted Skin/Mural series, the second promises to up the previous film in special effects and in detachment from reality.   The film was released on December 6, continuing from where the first left off.    

Listen to the theme by Hu Xia below, and see fire-and-ice themed characters posters below the cut.

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Music Monday: July 8, 2013

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

Here to make Monday a little easier =)

Music Monday is back!! *applause* But it’s going to be a short one, because I didn’t have time to look up each song’s background info like I used to, hope you guys don’t mind.

This week we have Hu Xia trying to confess his feeling to a friend, Chen Xiang getting slapped by the girl he loves, Sun Jian waiting for his princess to arrive, sensitive Li Daimo going crazy from loneliness, Zhang Yixiao getting jealousy and envious and hateful, Yang Jin describing her love as a lemon tree, Xian Zi realizing her mistake, Yan Dong is a weird but confident homebody, and girl group Lunar making a confession.

Lets start with the song that’s been making headlines due to Super Boy.
Zuo Yi performed Song Dongye‘s “Miss Dong” for his audition, turning the underground song into a mainstream hit. Listen to the original artist performing the song on TTXS. Continue reading

Hu Xia returns from Vancouver with “A Silly Tango”


He’s probably trying to remember the dance moves…

Hu Xia began promotion of his upcoming album Silly Tango 傻瓜探戈, to be released on June 22, with this cute MV for the title track. Though Hu Xia looks like he’s attending a high school dance then trying to do the tango, but I guess that’s why it’s called Silly Tango. Hu Xia recently returned from The 3rd Annual GCGC North America Concert held in Vancouver. Watch his expressionless Silly Tango below and vacation photos below cut.

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