The battle between the Shadow and his master begins in new trailer

Zhang Yimu’s upcoming wuxia film Shadow has confirmed a premiere date of September 30th, and recently released a new trailer that seems to feature a monologue by Deng Chao‘s shadow:

No people. No light. No sound. All alone in the darkness, I moved my hands over every single crevice in the walls. It was proof that I wasn’t crazy. It was proof that I was still alive.

[Extended Synopsis]

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Latest posters and stills from Zhang Yimou’s Shadow still missing color and light

Which poster is your favorite so far?

Zhang Yimou’s Shadow 影 has released three more posters and ton of stills. Some of the images are quite stunning, and Zhang Yimou is a visual master, but If this film doesn’t get some major shadow reduction, no one’s going to see anything that’s going on in a dark movie theater.

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Ever Night: Dawn of the Empire releases trailer, gorgeous stills filmed in Xinjiang

Even though the female lead looks twelve and the male lead looks twenty, he was seventeen and she twenty-two when they filmed this last year.

The biggest xianxia/ fantasy wuxia drama starring newcomers, Ever Night将夜, has released a full trailer. Based on the book of the same name by Maoni (Fighter of the Destiny),  the series will be released in three parts, with the first one being Ever Night: Dawn of the Empire 将夜:帝国的清晨. Relatively new actors Chen Feiyu, Song Yiren, Sun Zujun, Meng Ziyi,  Yuan Bingyan head the cast of seasoned actors like Hu Jun, Leo Lai, Ni Dahong, Adam Cheng,  Dylan Kuo, and Tong Yao.

Ning Que is a soldier who has came to the capital to clear his family. Yet when he finds out that his servant Sangsang is the embodiment of Ever Night, the foretold forever nighttime of humanity, the two go on the run.

The series was shot on-location in Xinjiang, an increasingly popular filming location where you can get the desert, vast grasslands, forests, and snowy mountains all in the same location around the same time.  If you ignore the whole castle at the beginning, the sets, clothing, and definitely directing/editing appear to be  some of the most promising of recent xianxia dramas . The on-location scenery shots are beautiful, the cast seems to have great chemistry based on the trailer, and the romantic BGM is gorgeous.

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More black and white stills for Zhang Yimou’s period wuxia film Shadow

Shadow is all about opposites – light and dark, yin and yang – and I’m hoping the future teasers will be as stylish as the posters. Deng Chao (The Liquidator) will be playing two characters, and Sun Li (Nothing Gold Can Stay) costars as his wife.

Plot summary:

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Sun Li, Deng Chao to romance each other onscreen in upcoming period film

Shadow 影 will be real-life married couple Deng Chao (The Dead End) and Sun Li’s (Legend of Mi Yue) third film collaboration, after Mural 画壁 and Devil and Angel 恶棍天使. Those movies were quite disastrous, so here’s to hoping Zhang Yimou (The Flowers of WarComing Home) can work his magic this time round.

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Photoshoot Friday: May 31, 2013 (Black and White edition)

 photo 704_979045_566605_zps01f064c6.jpg

Yao Chen squeals over the existence of a purely black and white photoshoot round up, but she should be more excited about a post with more men than women.

I need to publish this post before we end up with more girls than boys again, and I need to think of a new caption. Note: These photos were often black and white selections from shoots with a wider variety of color. Take a look!

Yao Chen takes the cover of this round-up, embodying the elegance that oozes out of old black and white photographs. Jing Boran peaks out from behind bars, and Yu Haoming reposes like an old world count. Han Geng‘s expression is Gothic and gloomy. Zhang Ziyi looks like she could be in a shampoo commercial in her two shoots, and Hu Jun – like all the men in these shoots, actually – suits up for his set.  Continue reading

“Like Fireworks Like Butterfly” sets off first spark with a trailer

Making a rare drama appearance, the alluring Jiang Yiyan stars as the serenely beautiful Shanghai songstress  who simply wishes to be a schoolgirl.   Caught between a seemingly perfect innocent first love with a student and a treacherous relationship with one of the biggest mob bosses of the Shanghai Bund,   the girl whose name means “forever fragrant” ends up playing a key role in the turbulent changes sweeping over Republican-era Shanghai.

Watch its first trailer below:

Mermaid Kingdom begins filming; China dives into fantasy films?

Drawings for Mermaid Kingdom on imdb

The long rumored “Mermaid Kingdom” (official : Empires of the Deep) is said to have recently begun filming. The Huayi (?) co-production will feature Monica Belluci, Liu Ye, Hu Jun and Yu Na and tells the tale of a young man stumbling upon a kingdom under the sea. According to sohu, special effects creation for it begun three years ago.

This isn’t the only large-scale fantasy film to be made in 2010. Shengshi‘s adaptation of online novel “Xing Chen Bian/星辰变/Change of Fate” and an adaptation of Guo Jingming’s novel “Ice Fantasy “ are both major upcoming films that will require tons of special effects. The first is set in a videogame like world that involves fighting against hordes of magical animals, having a best friend bird that can eat up lightning, and going to a heavenlike place in an alternate universe. “Ice Fantasy” stars the prince of the Ice Kingdom. His wife is a mermaid, and members of his entourage include a Guzheng player who creates illusions by playing music.
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Nic Tse Goes Bald For His New Film


Nicholas Tse, who just released his purported “last” album, has begun filming for his new movie, Bodyguards and Assassins,  set in Hong Kong during the Qing Dynasty. Despite playing a rather bottom of the rung character, who is billed as “the rickshaw driver”, he is the lead of this star-filled, big-budgeted tale about many who protected Dr. Sun Yat-sen during a trip the famed leader took to Hong Kong in October of 1905 (the film title in Chinese is Besieged in October).

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Metallic Attraction: Kungfu Cyborg finishes filming

1000 million yuan Sci-fi movie Kungfu Cyberg finished filming yesterday with director Jeff Lau and leads Hu Jun, Sun Li, Ronald Cheng Wu Jing, Alex Fong, etc.

Despite having filmed numerous comedies like “A Chinese Odyseey,” Jeff Lau says he still hasn’t lost the comedic touch. He says “Kungfu Cyborg isn’t an imitation, so first, it’s not like “Transformers.” Second, it’s not like any type of superman. It’s a cyborg with uniquely Eastern traits.  Kungfu Cyborg is a trial with lots of special effects. If we don’t make more advances in special effects, we’ll be even further behind Hollywood.”

“Kungfu Cyborg” will air in the summer.

source: Sina