Greg Han, Zhang Ruonan star in On Your Wedding Day remake

Everyone Wants to Meet You is every cliché awkwardly stitched together, but Zhang Ruonan still has a place in my heart as the angel of Cry Me a Sad River, so I’m excited to see her as the lead in a film. She’ll be paired with Someday or One Day star Greg Han, who recently signed with a spin-off company of the studio that produced Tiny Times. Hopefully he’ll end up more like Kai Ko (minus the marijuana) than Calvin Tu.

Han Tian (Only the Wind Knows) directs the 2020 remake of Korean film On Your Wedding Day 你的婚礼, about a man receives a wedding invitation from his first love whom he met in high school. I don’t have super high hopes for the film, but the two leads look so happy in the teaser.

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Greg Han plays with light and shadow for Bazaar

Someday or One Day 想见你 star Greg Han poses for Bazaar. We don’t usually post on Taiwanese dramas and related news, but it’s been a while since I’ve seen an actor actually work with a photographer to create such a captivating photoshoot out of such a common concept. Photos by Jin Jiaji.

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