Bromances receive a nod from China Daily


The highly publicized and mostly adored bromance of  Leehom and Li Yundi didn’t end happily, but it does allow China Daily to show its openness.

The English state-run paper China Daily recently published a commentary discussing shipping bromances by film critic Raymond Zhou. The essay uses the tale of musicians Wang Leehom and Li Yundi as an example of the social phenomenon of “bromance shippings” in China, which Zhou believes indicate a growing liberal attitude amongst the general public.

“What’s surprising is that the public mood has been more playful than serious, and that applies to even before Wang denied the amorous link. One does not detect a whiff of lament that such gifted artists are not “normal”, which I suspect would be the case if it had happened a decade ago. People, especially the young, are more tolerant of homosexuality as a lifestyle.” Continue reading