The X-Change Show Quietly Returns


If one day my dreams are drenched in the storm,
Will you return to lend a hand?
If one day I can no longer continue forward,
Will you spend a warm afternoon by my side?
If I were to ask you a question,
Will you be startled from your dream of a mother’s embrace?
If you were living in an unfamiliar home with strangers,
Will you use kindness as your guide?
If this is the future of a nation,
Will you let him rest without fears?

The X-Change Show 变形计 on HNTV has to be the first of its kind in modern Chinese television (correct me if I’m wrong). It is not a competition based reality show, there is no real script, though I’m sure there are plenty of mentoring that goes on behind the scenes. The show is actually on its 7th season this year, but I only begin watching it last year. From weibo it seems like at least one of the city kid from last season still periodically visits the village he lived in. What makes this show even more special (as if it can be anymore special) is that CCTV, which like to pretend HNTV doesn’t exist, began airing reruns of this show last year on CCTV-2.

Premises and the second part of this exchange is below the cut.
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Hightlights from HNTV New Year Concert 2013-2014


Happy New Year!! What’s a new year celebration without a few good concerts? Lets begin with the always energetic and youthful Hunan TV New Year Concert. Hosted by Happy Camp and Day Day Up MCs (as usual), this year’s concert should really be called a family concert since almost everyone are affiliated with HNTV in someway.

idarklight‘s favorite performance might be the cuteness overload from Zhang Liang and Tian Tian, but my favorite performance of the night has to be the special rendition of Ylvis’s The Fox by Superboy 2013. Performed by Bai Jugang 白举纲, Jia Shengqiang 贾盛强, Ning Huanyu 宁恒宇, Rao Wei 饶威. Supergirl 2011 (Fu Mengni 付梦妮, Hong Chen 洪辰, Liu Meihan 刘美含, Zu Miaoling 苏妙玲) also joined the quartet at the end.

The full concert is available on HNTV’s Official Youtube Channel, below at a few highlight acts from the night.
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