Disney, Hua Yi and SMG Start Production on a Chinese “High School Musical”

Zhang Junning (L) and a supporting actor who I don't think is one of the six leads. (R) on the set of Chinese High School Musical

It’s not a joke. Disney has long been desperate to tap into China’s market, even going so far as to co-produce with China films like The Magic Gourd and The Forbidden Kingdom. Furthermore, Disney’s Chinese connections seem to be based in Shanghai, where a new themepark finally got the ok after years of Disney pushing for it. So perhaps it is not surprising that HSM, already popular in China, will be remade with funding from Shanghai-based megacorporations Hua Yi and SMG. The  early reports said BOBO would be in this, and somehow, strangely, it changed to Zhang Junning who’s not even a actor under Hua Yi.

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BOBO’s future tasting delicious


With the onset of Top Combine, BOBO’s future looked seriously shaky as it began losing ground to Top Combine, who’s Hunan platform and own merits helped them to rise rapidly. Fortunately, as cfensi said earlier here, “Huayi has been slowly developing BOBO’s career in a much admirable fashion.”

Beginning with an endorsement for Pepsi’s Mirinda, a stamp of approval in itself, BOBO’s 2009 includes two movies, one similar to High School Musical and the other a “secret.” A new album (rumored to be with Avex), is also scheduled for June release. My analysis rant about BOBO’s future below the line.

English subbed BOBO by Swingsily. This is a plug-in for a new BOBO youtube channel co-owned by at least five people that’ll be providing you with BOBO in HQ and sometimes with English subs, like in the above video.

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High School Musical still sings for BOBO; Lu Yi joins the brotherhood

Huayi's Jane Zhang and BOBO at the recent Baidu Awards, where they took away a combined number of five awards

Huayi's Jane Zhang and BOBO at the recent Baidu Awards, where the three took away five awards

Once upon upon a June night, news first surfaced about a High School Musical starring BOBO. After months of inactivity, when almost everyone forgot about the movie, today, in an interview during Huayi’s 2009 Plans Press Conference, BOBO mentioned the movie again.

BOBO’s “Always Ready” to climb the ladder of success

Also during the press conference, it was revealed that Huayi Brothers brought management company Long-D, which means that former Long-D stars like Lu Yi, Tian Liang, Jessey Meng and Annie Yi will now belong to Huayi.  It also announced its partnership with the Italian sportswear company Kappa.
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