Deng Chao Sings the HSDS 2009 Themesong


Deng Chao never fails to impress, and now in addition to his acting, I’m quite enjoying his singing, especially since I know he does good lives too. His series, the Zhang Jizhong-directed Heavenly Sword Dragon Sabre, has suddenly begun airing in China without any press and indeed it seems to be a bit rushed through post-production. But it’s the first wuxia series that I’ve gotten into because Deng Chao is  just that good of an actor. And he’s no Jane Zhang (who sadly, only gets crappy themesongs now that she’s no longer with Hua Yi), but I think he makes the themesong quite nice to listen to.

Opening Song of HSDS, sung by Deng Chao

You can watch all aired  episodes  here. I’d skip 1-10 because the quality actors (Deng Chao and Ady An) don’t appear until after that. All four of Zhang Wuji’s loves seem to be decently acted too, so if you’re like me, and you don’t want to feel ashamed anymore for not knowing what the hell Jing Yong writes about, give it a go.