Upcoming Chinese Romance Movies of 2010

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In the meantime, here’s a list of modern day romance movies to look forward to in 2010, because these films are covered less than the ancient/wuxia/martial arts films by English-language media and yet, China has completely nose-dived into this genre in the past year.  Cinema goers in China want the choice of  light-hearted entertainment from the cinema, and the Chinese film industry is rapidly accommodating that niche in the market.

Last year, there was only a small selection – this year there’s much much more. With China’s total box office up 44% in 2009, and 1.65 cinema screens added per day, with no signs of slowly down, this should only be one sign to look forward to of the growing diversification of China’s rapidly rising film industry.

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Heaven Eternal, Earth Everlasting


The film unfortunately did not win anything at Tokyo which makes me extremely sad. This makes the film less marketable, and everyone involved less marketable, and that would be just a shame because I don’t recall the last time I became so interested in a film simply from reading a synopsis, watching the trailer, and watching the interviews from the lovely cast and crew.

The film tells the story of  an intelligent girl, Shen Xingchen (Liu Dong ) as she goes from age 16  in high school to work at age 30, from 1993 to the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the most rapid times in China’s development. Throughout, the theme is an idea of is there anything everlasting in this world? Is there everlasting love? This is the question that Shen faces, along with her love,  childhood friend Ming Yuan (Huang Ming). Both are scarred emotionally from the devastating ways their parents’  relationships ended and wonder whether love is worth it if eventually, it simply doesn’t last.

At first I just wanted to see this because of Huang Ming, but after watching the trailer (seriously, watch it) and reading about it,  it looks so amazing, from the story to the art direction.

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Chinese Actors Enjoy Tokyo While at TIFF


The two Chinese Films are in competition at the TIFF are getting extremely favorable feedback, which means heavy coverage from the  Sina website. Their cameras followed two young stars, actor Huang Ming and actress Tong Yao to their trips around Tokyo.

I’ve said before that Huang Ming is one of those actors who I really hoped would get a break because he’s awesome in acting and personality, but I didn’t think it’d be when he was only 23, because right now, for various reasons, most mainland Chinese actors only hit it big when they’re close to age 30.  And it is so gratifying to see someone I’ve been rooting to get famous all of a sudden get so many pictures, coverage, interviews…it’s just rare, and for some other actors I like it will probably never happen. Must savor the moment.

As for Tong Yao, all I know is she looks incredibly similar to Zhang Ziyi, except it’s  rumored her acting is better (They’re both from Central Academy of Drama, but I think Zhang Ziyi entered when she was too young.)

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