MBC, SMG, and BOBO team-up for Nonstop remake


Jing Boran whistlings their awesome new song

MBC’s popular sitcom “Non-stop” is coming to Shanghai this summer with BOBO, the Backdorm Boys, He Zhuoyan and two new actresses. The show, directed by the original Korean director of “Non-stop,” began filming two days ago and will continue as the first episodes air. “青春进行时/Youth in the present tense” will have a total of 100 episodes and begin airing on July 6th on Dragon TV.  Super Junior‘s Hankyung will also guest star.

While you’re in a state of shock, enjoy this beautiful new song by BOBO, the theme to the “Young Gods of Cookery.

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Various Photoshoots


Fan Bingbing recently graced the cover of ELLE magazine, who labeled 2009 as the “Year of Fan Bingbing Movies”, a very apt description. Fan Bingbing starred or will be starring in 7 movies: Shinjuku Incident, Sophie’s Revenge, Wheat, Bodyguards and Assassins, East Wind. Rain, Future Cops and an unnamed one. She’ll also be starring her own production, the drama ,The Last Night of Madame Chin.

We’re including in this post as well, several other photoshoots that we found pretty, but were too lazy to make their own separate posts for. There’s He Zhuoyan who idarklight likes, from the upcoming HSDS adaptation, Sun Feifei, a tv actress who most people seem to like, and Ma Tianyu who we’re curious to see act and pass judgement on. And then there’s Zhang Ziyi, and the director/cast for Nanking! Nanking! who we thank for already giving us ample to  pass judgement on.

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Dragon Saber and Heavenly Sword finishes filming


I, Xiao Zhao, do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of the Sect Leader of Manichaeism, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Holy Light

The third drama in the Condor Heroes trilogy -Dragon Saber and Heavenly Sword recently finished filming. Jin Yong is the only old guy that I fangirl over, and I would gladly pick him over any guy. With plots of Dickens, language of Fitzgerald, Jin Yong is so awesome that he has his own area of study – Jinology. Read some of his novels translated here.

This will also be Zhang Jizhong’s seventh and last Jin Yong drama, after which he will tackle the ambitious Journey to the West remake.
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