Chinese FilmStars at the Pusan and Tokyo Film Festivals and the Golden Rooster

China’s Film Stars are spread out all over Asia! I decided to do a quick photo post to locate all of them…first is Pusan, because not that  many Chinese people that went, and also it came first chronologically, so it’s easier to just get it out of the way.


The Message cast in Pusan: Alec Su, Huang Xiaoming, and Li Bingbing

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“Wheat” Stars Fan Bingbing and Huang Jue in “Cosmo Bride”


I knew I had forgotten at least one movie in my previous post, and Wheat‘s one of them. It also opens on the 28th; My Fair Gentleman has some really stiff competition. This is the comeback movie of director He Ping, whose last movie was 2004’s well-received Warriors of Heaven and Earth.

Huang Jue is probably unknown to anyone who doesn’t follow Chinese dramas, but he gained a popularity boost  this yearwith the series Qing Cheng Zi Lian. He’s always had some fame though. His last film  was rock movie Air Diary with Xu Fei (yeah…I had no idea either, but I like the theme song). And I’m sure you know Fan Bingbing from a gazillion different things this year . I wonder if she  is tired of shooting movies or photoshoots yet. Probably not. I wish I had her energy.

Trailer for wheat, a quote from Huang Jue on Fan Bingbing,  and more pics behind the cut.

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