“Let’s Get Married” Says He Jie


Before the end of 2013, He Jie and her new hubby, actor He Ziming, released their wedding ceremony video set to He Jie’s new single Let’s Get Married 我们结婚吧. The couple did a traditional wedding clothes photoshoot (is it a traditional Yi (彝) wedding outfit?) a while back.

Watch the beautiful music video below and more wedding photoshoot below the cut.

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Weibo Wednesday: September 18, 2013

The big news these past two weeks was obviously Faye Wong and Li Yapeng‘s divorce, a topic that continues to trend on Weibo. I don’t have much to say about it, except that I was not expecting it at all. But even a divorce can’t cover up the happiness of marriage, and we were lucky to get not one, but TWO celebrity weddings in the first half of September!

赫子铭: 今天我们幸福的婚了!下来后朋友问我是不是很累,我说实话我已经幸福的什么都忘了,其实这两个月最辛苦的不是我俩,而是所有的工作人员还有媒体朋友,我代表我媳妇儿感谢各位,还有那些到场和没到场的朋友们!感谢你们的祝福,因为在你们的见证下,我们的婚礼才显得格外有意义!总之铭记于心,感恩

First up are actor He Ziming and Super Girl He Jie, who wowed us with their proposal, their wedding photoshoot, and now their actual wedding ceremony. The two of them tied the knot on September 12th, and their wedding photos are absolutely gorgeous. Check out these two photosets, courtesy of Nice Wedding, for some ideas for your own wedding! ;)

Today, we happily got married! After we came down, friends asked me if I was tired. To tell the truth, I was so happy that I’d forgotten everything else. The two people who went through the most difficulties these past two months actually wasn’t us, but all of the employees and our friends in the media. On behalf of me and my wife, we thank everyone, as well as the friends who could and couldn’t make it! Thank you all for your blessings, because only with you as your witnesses could our wedding seem especially meaningful! In short, engraved in my memory and heart, thank you.

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He Jie, He Ziming celebrate marriage with traditional wedding clothes

 photo 704_1067766_209595_zps29c67aea.jpg

While their eyes are closed, jjss08 plots to steal He Jie’s hat.

Remember how Supergirl He Jie and her boyfriend He Ziming are now engaged? The couple will be finalizing their marriage in September. In the meantime, they decked out in gorgeous ethnic minority costume for a wedding photoshoot. Look below for more pictures, and a preview of their western-wedding dress style photo shoot. 

The hats (male and female) and other clothing look Miao-style (? I confess that I used these cartoons as reference). However, He Jie belongs to the Yi group, and their clothing does not look like this… He Ziming is part of the Han group. Does anyone know if there’s a special reason for this?  Continue reading

Supergirl He Jie is Engaged!!


because you have to make a heart like this when you’re in love =)

Things seems to be progressing very well for the couple a year after going public with their relationship. He Jie and boyfriend He Zi Ming when public with their relationship last year during a press conference for her new album; Mr. Prince Charming walked in carrying a HUGE bouquet of roses. Continue reading

He Jie films MV in Disney World, sings song by Ma Xueyang

Only He Jie would be so down at Disney World.

Only He Jie would be so emo  at Disney World.

He Jie relives her journey from Super Girl and on in her new song, “That summer. ” The song is composed by Top Combine’s Ma Xueyang, and penned by the original lyricist of the Super Girls theme song. Yay for actually having a good song and MV since leaving eeMedia! Watch it English subbed below by Jo.

“Forever Love” Soars in Popularity On 2013-1-4

If a “good friend” invites you to the theater to watch the recently released Forever Love, don’t be surprised if it’s followed up with a proposal — or several. The movie, also known as 201314, gets its name from the corresponding date, i.e. 2013 January 4. In Chinese, the numerals (er ling yi san yi si) sound similar to “love you for life” (ai ni yi sheng yi shi), causing January 4, 2013 to become a prime date for proposals, weddings, and general proclamations of love.

The plot of Forever Love revolves around three couples and a series of stories that occurs between Singles Day (11/11) and “Love You For Life” Day. Fresh out of a break-up, Wen Xin (Gina Jin) meets Wen Xiaogu (Guo Xiaoran) at a nightclub, and the two get into an interesting relationship after a wine spill incident. We also follow two of Wen Xin’s close female friends and their love entanglements. The cast is mostly made up of unknown or newbie actors, but 8090 fans will want to check this one out for hottie Jiang Chao.

Behind the cut: the movie’s theme song, sung by He Jie, as well as some simple but pretty stills.

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Ethnic minorities in Chinese entertainment

Does she look Chinese to you?

One of the most frustrating things about introducing new Chinese artists are the “they don’t look Chinese” comments. Considering China has 56 official ethnicities with their ancestral homes in China, and who knows how many unofficial ones, and 1.3 billion people, it’s unfair to homogenize any part of China (or of the world ). And according to wikipedia, minority populations are rising at 7 times the rate of the Han Chinese because the One Child Policy only applies to Han Chinese (no, China is not trying to eliminate its minorities via One Child).

Photographer Chen Haiwen recently paid a tribute to the diversity of China by producing a series of photos that captured this diversity. Along with a team of photographers, he traveled across China for a year to take photos of a family from each ethnic group. Those, along with thousands of other photos captured on the trip, were put on display in Beijing’s WangFuJing Street last month. zhouzhzh on youtube has a slideshow of all the photos.

Here’s a spot light on some, definitely not all, minority Chinese artists in pop culture.

Super Girl He Jie

our Yi-group
manager: Super Boy Ji Jie and brand manager for Bacardi
members: two powerful and tomboyish songstresses SM’s lost cause Zhang Liyin
and really lost cause Super Girl He Jie
and boyband Blue Bird Flying Fish‘s 70.
HuHu’s not Yi, but he’s there by association. Maybe Zhang Yunjing can join, too, by marriage. Continue reading

Super Girls releasing new songs

Super Girls 2009 iBubble commercial

Going backwards from 2009, the the first 2009 Super Girl to release a MV was top 60 Luo Zhenhuan for her new EP. Zeng Yike will be the first to release her new album. See her album cover (with a sheep!) here. Meanwhile, Jiang Yingrong sings the new theme for Maybelline. You can hear the recorded version here, or you can watch the much superior live version:

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Confessions of a Super Girl

I miss He Jie.

Who wouldn't fall in love with those gorgeous eyes and the beautiful voice?

A love letter from 2009 Super Girl Pan Hongyue to 2005 Super Girl He Jie, via Pan Hongyue’s sina blog. He Jie was increasingly unhappy in her years at eeMedia back when Long Danni hadn’t taken over the company, and left it before her contract, which put her and eeMedia in a bad position. Happily the comapny seems to still have amicable relations with her as He Jie is to go on Jie Jie Gao Sheng to promote her new single.

In 2007, I finally attended the college (Sichuan Conservatory of Music, where both girls attended) I liked, to see the person I want to see.
Today, I begin to remember. I miss Baobao (He Jie’s nickname is Jie Baobao aka Baby Jie), I miss her very much.
I like you, but I’ve never done anything for you.
I saw you on TV. I was happy because you smiled, I was sad because you cried.
Today, I rewatched your videos, the latest ones and the old ones.
I know that the status quo is not what you want, but who can I understand you!!!!
When I see the dark bags around your eyes become heavy, my heart aches, aches so much! ! !

I hate hearing anyone saying bad things about you, because they’re all idiots!
They don’t understand you, they don’t understand your troubles. Although I’ve never met you, I know you’re not that type of person.

I trust you! I’m not very happy today, neither. Watching you returning to our school in 2007, the bravery with which you sung, I like you, not because of your voice but you yourself. There’s no f-ing reason why, I simply do!

Pan Hongyue’s MV – If you didn’t leave
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