Weibo Wednesday: June 19, 2013

陈学冬cheney: 拍完小时代我们都吃胖了。。。

You may have thought that the Tiny Times (小时代) movie cast was filled with ridiculously good-looking people, but it turns out they were actually all sumo wrestlers in disguise… Just kidding! This is just Chen Xuedong, Kai Ko, Rhydian Vaughan, and Xie Yilin putting in an appearance on Happy Camp. What shenanigans are they up to this time? Check out the episode when it airs on June 22nd.

After filming Tiny Times, we all became fat from eating…

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BOBO Happy Camp most watched show of the night

BOBO was on Happy Camp last Saturday, helping it to be the number one watched show of that time period. Watch part 1 here and part 2 here. Interview translation of BOBO below the cut

Zhang Jie and Li Yuchun will appear on the next two episodes of Happy to promote their new albums next. Who’s excited for some Zhang Jie-Xie Na interactions? The preview made me lol so much when Zhang Jie pretended to be his picture that always appears on Happy Camp when he’s mentioned and said “what does that have to do with me?”

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Hit-5 sets a ratings record on Happy Camp?


I found this on their baidu and I don't care if it's related to this post or not. Chinese comic (man hua) style is so beautiful! If the Chinese boybands dressed up like this, I would not mind them.

Okay, I’ll change the picture of “HIT-5” when I actually find a decent picture of them all on Happy Camp. But I don’t really understand what China means by their “records” anymore…the article is here if anyone wants to analyze this and tell me exactly who set what records for Happy Camp and compare it say, to Top Combine’s “record-setting” appearance on Happy Camp. I’ve never understood even American rating systems so I’m lost.

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