Xu Jiao debuts hanfu look at Venice Film Festival

Xu Jiao and Celina Jade. I always think Celina Jade looks so familiar but I can’t figure out who she looks like.   

Actress and hanfu aficionado Xu Jiao  wore  her first hanfu-styled dress  to an international red carpet today at the “The Shape of Water” premier at the Venice Film Festival. I like how the dress doesn’t look too out of place but is clearly inspired by hanfu.    The dress was designed by her friend and I want it.


Ha Hui releases hanfu MV

Screen shot 2013-03-08 at 6.41.44 PM
How ironic that a song about “female duties”  was released on International Women’s day.

Ha Hui releases a beautiful MV with reconstructions of a Song dynasty painting. I love the MV, but really Ha Hui, some ideas are better left in the last two millenniums.