The First Set of Stills From “The Last Night of Madam Chin”


Posting this because I feel like there should be more Cdrama news because that’s even more underrated than cpop, and because I liked the costumes. This is the second production from Studio Fan Bingbing. From what I heard, her studio’s first drama Rouge Snow was good with fairly elegant production values, and this seems to be an even greater improvement upon that, costing as much as 950,000 yuan per episode. The drama is based on the novel of the same name, and was previously portrayed on stage by Chinese actress-legend Liu Xiaoqing. It depicts the story of Madame Chin (played here by Fan Bingbing), who rises to prominence from a lowly ballroom dancer in old Shanghai, and her relationships with three men, here played by Alex Fong, Vic Zhou and Anthony Wong.

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