Highlights from Dragon TV New Year Concert 2013-2014


The New Year concert on Dragon TV 东方卫视, Shanghai based television channel, is another must watch concert. The show featured Chinese Idol contestants, Han Hong 韩红, actor/singer/judge Huang Xiaoming 黄晓明 PKing singer/actor/MC Show Luo 罗志祥. Also in attendance is Taiwanese girl idol women musical group S.H.E, going into their 13th year together and still going strong even as married women (Ella 陈嘉桦 and Selina 任家萱). It wouldn’t be a party without some pretty faces – representing the girls is Shanghai based theater girl group SNH48, and representing the dudes is SM boybands Super Junior-M and EXO-M. The concert also featured special performances from Richie Ren 任贤齐 and Jonathan Lee 李宗盛.

As if that’s not enough incentive to watch the show, just look at this 3D (4D?) light show during the new year countdown!! The full new year concert is available on the official Dragon TV affiliated youtube channel in three parts here, here, and here.

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Oh, Chinese Idol is over and we have a winner

Chinese Idol, Li Xiangxiang.

Chinese Idol, Li Xiangxiang. (Prepare yourself for a angst-ridden piece of writing).

Chinese Idol 中国梦之声 debuted as one of the most promising reality singing contests of 2013, but suffered from poor formatting during its live performance rounds and everybody lost interest as abruptly as this opening sentence.

Sunday’s three-hour finale, which featured performances from the Idol judges (including a bearded Huang Xiaoming), Show Luo 罗志祥, and international guest star Lionel Richie, saw Li Xiangxiang 李祥祥 upset heavy favourite “Goddess” Yangjima 央吉玛 to become the first Chinese Idol.
Li Xiangxiang, who is kind of handsome but probably not handsome enough to justify his being called handsome so many times on the show, will sign a recording deal with Universal Music Group as part of his winnings. Runner-up Yangjima, an ethnic Monpa folk singer from Tibet who is not actually a real goddess, is also expected to score a record deal in the Idol aftermath.

And if you thought that this reality TV singing contest would only have two finalists in the grand finale, well, you’d be wrong. Entirely reasonable in your assumption, but wrong. At the beginning of the episode, six singers were still in contention for the Idol crown. Continue reading

Cue music. Chinese Idol is coming

Left-to-right: Show Luo (host), Huang Xiaoming, Han Hong, Coco Lee, Wang Wei-chung

Left-to-right: Show Luo (host), Huang Xiaoming, Han Hong, Coco Lee, Wang Wei-chung

With last season’s American Idol ratings the lowest in the show’s history, Shanghai’s Dragon TV will be hoping the Idol format hasn’t come too late to impact China’s airwaves.

Amongst the latest in a slew of Chinese reality singing contests, the Chinese version of Britain’s Pop Idol will make its debut on Sunday evening. Hosted by Show Luo, Chinese Idol 中国梦之声 is set to feature a panel of celebrity judges, including singers Coco Lee and Han Hong, actor Huang Xiaoming, and Taiwanese television mogul Wang Wei-chung. The program is one of the few Idol productions to have hosted international auditions, so expect to see American, Canadian, and Australian contestants on the show. Continue reading

The New Years Concerts

The whole Hunan TV show was uploaded at MyChineseDrama@yt. Part 1 here. For tons of pictures of the performers go here.

My favorite performance from Hunan: Yu Haoming + Liu Xijun – Bei Ji Xue

More vids of what happened at Taipei aiyatheydidnt has a great  post with most of those.

For Jiangsu TV no one really uploaded vids, so here’s Sina’s vid of my most anticipated performance from Jiangsu:

Joanna Wang out of semi-hiatus

Fayewongtoday has a post on Faye Wong attending her friend Na Ying‘s much anticipated New Year Concert.

Ethnic minorities in Chinese entertainment

Does she look Chinese to you?

One of the most frustrating things about introducing new Chinese artists are the “they don’t look Chinese” comments. Considering China has 56 official ethnicities with their ancestral homes in China, and who knows how many unofficial ones, and 1.3 billion people, it’s unfair to homogenize any part of China (or of the world ). And according to wikipedia, minority populations are rising at 7 times the rate of the Han Chinese because the One Child Policy only applies to Han Chinese (no, China is not trying to eliminate its minorities via One Child).

Photographer Chen Haiwen recently paid a tribute to the diversity of China by producing a series of photos that captured this diversity. Along with a team of photographers, he traveled across China for a year to take photos of a family from each ethnic group. Those, along with thousands of other photos captured on the trip, were put on display in Beijing’s WangFuJing Street last month. zhouzhzh on youtube has a slideshow of all the photos.

Here’s a spot light on some, definitely not all, minority Chinese artists in pop culture.

Super Girl He Jie

our Yi-group
manager: Super Boy Ji Jie and brand manager for Bacardi
members: two powerful and tomboyish songstresses SM’s lost cause Zhang Liyin
and really lost cause Super Girl He Jie
and boyband Blue Bird Flying Fish‘s 70.
HuHu’s not Yi, but he’s there by association. Maybe Zhang Yunjing can join, too, by marriage. Continue reading

Han Hong Releases New Album in Beijing to Much Support


It’s amazing seeing how treasured Han Hong is; her talent’s irreplaceable and people know it. An incredible amount of celebs came out to the album launch party that she held in Beijing, including singers Sun Nan, Sha Baoliang, Anson Hu Huang Zheng, Chen Chusheng,  and composer San Bao, amongst a lot of other people. Guo Jingming, who wrote the lyrics for one of her songs also was in attendance. Eason Chan, Nic Tse, Andy Lau,Stefanie Sun, Feng Xiaogang, Ge You, and  Zhou Xun sent their congratulations through VCR.

First Single from her new album: Gui Lai/Return

This stunned me the first time I heard it and I’ve wanted to put this up for so long…

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Nicholas Tse and Han Hong showing their love

East/Dragon TV held its annual charitable celebrities awards last week. A lot of times, celebrities do it for show, but here are two that I thought deserved special mentioning.

Since 10 years ago, Nicholas Tse has been taking care of about 50 kids in Sichuan anonymously. This fact was brought to light only after the Sichuan Earthquake hit and he wanted to find them.

I always felt that children are our future. 8 or 10 years ago, I learned about these kids and decided to help them. From 5, to 10, to 15, to now 50. THe happiest thing for me now is when I”m at work, and I’m hurt and want to quit, I’ll look at their letters, the fans they made for me. I’ll tell myself, “You can’t be tired. There are 50 families depending on you for a meal. This award reminds me, you’re lucky. You’re like them, with yellow skin and black eyes, why should you live better than them? So, I won’t give up.” To the children, he said,” Uncle won’t be tired, won’t be hurt, and you guys must never give up!”

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Older Chinese Singers Criticize the New Wave of “Idol” Singers in China


Ding Wei at the Wind and Cloud Newcomers Awards: "You can not just rely on a pretty face"

So part of the reason I chose to post on the Wind and Cloud Newcomers Awards and spend the time to stick a bunch of MVs there, and tell you exactly which ones have composed their own songs is because you can form your own opinions on their singing ability and their compositional skills while you read to this follow up post to it.

If you watched the Awards you may not have noticed the people presenting the awards. They were older and not as good looking as the massive amount of eye-candy reaping the awards. But these people were the foundation of Chinese music, putting their heart and souls into writing beautiful music, and they must have felt uneasy seeing one by one these newcomers with pretty faces and still questionable talent going up to get awards that meant the face of Chinese music was changing from skills-based to more looks/performance-based.

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Anson Hu Will Go Red in 2009 with his New EP

I couldn’t bear to leave Wind and Cloud’s song as the first post on this blog, so here’s some real quality for everyone. Having successfully become the first mainlander to give a solo concert in Taiwan, a real step forward, Anson’s now taking it back, way way back to when China could actually be called communist without Karl Marx turning in his grave. It will be the 60th anniversary of the founding of the PROC in 2009 and Anson will be releasing an EP entitled Red Songs to coincide with this.

This particular song seems particularly popular with the masses. Hear it sung by Zong Xiaolin & alan (duet) , Han Hong, Zhang Jie, and Zha Xi Dun Zhu (very contemporized). All of them are absolutely amazing singers, and it’s a treat to hear them sing a song that allows them to show off their voices. These are all live except for the Han Hong one, since that’s an MV. It is kind of funny to hear them singing about Mao though.

Say what you will about those propaganda-filled times, but they produced some awesome music, before music became too decadent for the masses of course. Which reminds me of one I’ve been looking for a while…does anyone know what the song played during the beginning of Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress was?