Revive is China’s biggest budgeted BL drama yet


Unlike Nirvana in Fire, Revive clearly hasn’t shy’ed away from its canon ship.

Revive is probably the highest-budgeted BL drama so far in China. The cinematography looks nice, the lighting is super bright, there’s plenty of profile shots, and Xu Haiqiao and Han Chae-youn are really pretty.  It’s clear the drama is definitely selling the multiple BL ships in the drama, although I don’t know how far they’ll go (the published book remained mostly platonic, the online version had sex scenes).

The series stars Ma Ke, Xu Haiqiao, Zhang XinyuHan Chae-youn, and Pong Nawat Kulrattanarak, and airs once a week on Tencent.  You can watch it  on Youtube here.

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