Chen Xiao, Zhou Dongyu star in “Love & Life & Lie”

Inspired by this, the new translation for Hua Qian’gu will be Hip & Hip & Hurray.

Known for his beautiful portrayals in ancient series, actor Chen Xiao will star in his first modern series – Love & Life & Lie 遇见爱情的利先生, literally The Mr. Li who finds love and based on the book Glass Slipper. He’ll be starring once more with Zhou Dongyu, who will be her first foray into any drama. In addition, Gong meets BBJX once more as he’ll also be paired with Ye Qing.   Production company Hairun has had a generally poor run of drama qualities, but hopefully Yu Zheng loved Chen Xiao enough to pick a good script for him.  Character posters here.