Hai Lu plays The Last Cook of Imperial China in upcoming drama

Shadows of the Forbidden Palace hides under a lunchbox in this poster by designer Huang Hai.

In The Last Cook 末代厨娘, Hai Lu and Ji Lingchen play a chef and a guard for the young “Emperor” Puyi in the Forbidden Palace after the end of the Qing Dynasty. They try to the best they can in their respective positions as they witness the twilight hours of the Qing dynasty and try to protect what is left in a world falling apart.

The series released its first trailer recently, with no announced airingdate.

Promo Round-up: Queen Dugu

Queen Dugu chronicles the life of the titular empress Dugu Qieluo, played by Joe Chen (Big Brother). Chen Xiao (Red Rose) costars as her husband Yang Jian, who would later found the Sui Dynasty.

The 50 episode drama will release 2 episodes every Monday to Thursday on Youtube, Youku, Tencent and iQiyi beginning tonight. VIP members get an 8 episode head start.

Theme song by Joey Yung:


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Photoshoot Friday: Light

As an apology for the recently sporadic appearances of Photoshoot Friday, have a double edition this week. Decked out in, or against white, which one of these celebs has your favorite photo shoot? Angelababy is comfy in simple white, while Jiang Xin‘s setting is more dressy. Li Xiaolu enters the scene with more color, while Yao Chen and Daniel Wu tango (?) in black and white. Hai Lu is sweet as she studies, while Christy Chung goes for a more glamorous look. Look below the cut for more pictures.  Continue reading

Photoshoot Friday: October 25, 2013

Qin Lan glitters with diamonds for Bazaar Jewelry, svelte in her simple and silky dresses. Hai Lu and Tang Yixin (remember her from Legend of Lu Zhen?) look rather similar in their photo shoots, Hai Lu fiddling with a phone and Tang Yifxin playing in the park for fall. Meanwhile, Angelababy is modern and glamorous in her shoot for Cosmopolitan. Ni Ni, though, may be outshining them all (literally – her photo shoot is filled with sunlight) as she smiles with flowers.  Continue reading

Sword(s)man releases photobook


Best-looking comic relief ever?

I think I would die happy if every Chinese drama had this level of crew and  released pretty HQ photos like this.  There’s always lots to criticize about Yu Zheng, but I really love the fact that they did this photobook for the currently airing Swordman starring Wallace Huo, Chen Qiaoen, Han Dong, Yuan Shanshan, Chen Xiao, Yang Rong, Deng Sha and a lot of other pretty people. More photos of the main lead Wallace Huo here.


Yuan Shanshan is not happy because all of her scenes with Wallace Huo got replaced by Chen Qiao’en

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Photoshoot Round Up, Week 8: Many, many, many


How could Liu Bang cheat on her?

There’s a lot of white in this photoshoot, from Qin Lan – with two roles as Empress Lv – as a bride for Cosmopolitan, Huang Yi in wintery neutrals for Vigour, Ni Ni frosty for Glass, Hai Lu with doll eyelashes and snowy flowers, and Yuan Shanshan in simple white. A bit more tropical are Liu Xijun, Bai Baihe, Zhang Meng, and a Tong Liya verging on Lady Gaga. Look below the cut for photos and links to more.

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“Home Sweet Home” lightens up primetime TV

First idol drama leads Wan Qian and Li Jiahang make a surprisingly cute couple.

A light-hearted change to the dramatic prime time TV spots, “Home Sweet Home 我家有喜” brings the usual Qiong Yao drama’s bright colors and clean, cute outfits and setting,  but has a lot more fun.     The “My Fair Princess” cast returns, with the second leads now two of the main leads, and trust me, everyone looks so much better with good stylists.

The drama has already finished airing, so you can watch the entire series online. Photos below the cut.

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Photoshoot Round Up, Week Two: Hai Lu, Yang Mi, Chen Kun, Fan Bingbing

As sugar sweet as always, New My Fair Princess star Hai Lu dressed in flowers and pastels to match for a recent photo shoot. Find the rest of this photo shoot here.

If things become violent, Hai Lu‘s shoes will speak for her (for once, high heels are dangerous to more than just the wearer). Yang Mi, on the other hand, seems to be barefoot for her photo shoot with Hong Kong magazine Darizi. Hawick should pay special attention to that issue, asYang Mi is decked out in four different wedding-themed gowns and this might come in handy as a reference someday. Fan Bingbing is charismatic as ever, and I-D magazine got a two-in-one shoot featuring the queen with Chen Man‘s lovely photography – the style of the clothing here is definitely the darkest and most uniquely intriguing of this round up. A photo shoot with Chen Kun for Men’s Uno can also be found below and should also be thought of as grim, although for a different reason. We finish this batch off with a few selections from a photo shoot Mei Ting and Liang Jiahui did for Bazaar, to promote their new film(?) Crazy Love Story 神经爱情故事. Continue reading

“Home, sweet home” releases trailer, character posters

Princess Ziwei is ditching Erkang ?

Featuring a fun, young cast mostly from New My Fair Princess, modern series Home, sweet home 我家有喜 will soon start airing on September 11th. The series, a remake of Famous Princesses,  tells of a family with three daughters of vastly different personalities.  The oldest is a fierce military officer, the second a celeb wannabe, and the third a teen mom. Add in a love rectangle involving the fraternal twins (1st and 2nd), and you got drama in the brewing.  Watch the trailer below and character descriptions below the cut.

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