News Roundup 7/2/09 – 7/11/09

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Chen Kun and Yuan Quan sponsor a jewelry brand in style at an event, with Yuan Quan in white riding a horse, and Chen Kun giving her a ring, like a modern day prince and princess, except that pretending to  marry was really awkward for them. Normally I wouldn’t care, but it’s two actors that I like, both of which whom actually have really nice singing voices and I’ve long wished they would collaborate in something like a musical. They will be working together, but instead will be in a HK film.

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H.Born to release self-composed EP


H.Born stand for Harmonic Boys of Rhythm Nation, and also bo'en, a combination of their names

What happens when the seemingly parallel lines of self-composition and boybands meet?  H.Born is born. The new boyband duo composed and arranged every song on their EP. Their resume is no less impressive. Wang Nai’en was third in line to sing You and Me at the Beijing Olympics. He also in majored directing at the prestigious Central Drama Academy, which hopefully means he’ll direct their own MV, too. If that’s not enough, they have the best nicknames ever.

one of their old demos, composed and arranged by Lion King, lyrics by both:

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