Sunshine in Me shows off muscles and skin


After beating up Yu Zheng, Shen Tai (R) rejoins his gang of muscular men to prepare for round 2.


Yi Yi  with her groupie … none of these guys are even main characters.

Combining swimming,wrestling, gymnastics, and dance, Sunshine in Me 骄阳似我 is the first series produced by actor Tian Liang. Lucky for us, as a diver, he has no qualms about showing flesh.  Watch the muscles sports themed posters of the leads, including host Yi Yi, Beijing-film-academy-alum-who-beat-up-Yu-Zheng Shen Tai, etc.  below the cut.

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Chinese atheletes for Viva China Sports


The national modeling badminton team

Viva China Sports, the management of some of China’s top sports teams, recently did a new photoshoot for their athletes. Combined with a shoot from 2011, the shoots make-up an unfortunately not-for-sale calendar of some of the sports realms’ best-looking athletes.


The sailor crew diving team

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Chen Yibing passes international judge test!


London Olympic ~ Inspire a Generation, but maybe not in the ways intended.

What do you do when you get screwed over by the judges? Become one.  Chen Yibing, captain of the Chinese men’s gymnastics team and reigning world champion in rings, just announced on his QQ weibo that he’s passed the test to become an international gymnastics judge. Congrats!

Another successful proposal – Zou Kai v. Zhou Jie

5-time Olympic Champion Zou Kai on his knees for another happy ending.

Gymnast Zou Kai just proposed to his longtime girlfriend Zhou Jie with the help of his fellow gold-medal men’s gymnastics team (how sweet is it that they take Teng Haibin, who had to pull out of the team two days before the Olympics qualifications begun, everywhere they go?) !  It’s about time, considering how his seniors, the 2008 champions Li Xiaopeng, Huang Xu and Li Wei were nudging him on TV during their adorable A Date with Luyu interview.

Congrats to the pair!  You can watch the proposal on Bai Bian Da Ka Xiu, where she performs Jolin Tsai’s dance with awesome rhythmic gymnastics moves, below :

Weibo of the day: Feng Zhe on gymnastics

Scaredy-cat Feng Zhe hides behind his teammate during Men’s Team finals.   His coach jokes he’s too afraid to even go to amusement parks.

Double Olympic gymnastics champion and self-claimed comedian Feng Zhe recently did a weibo interview.  Here are some of my favorite responses.

Q: You guys practice everyday. Don’t you think it’s boring and tiring?
Feng Zhe:   Friend, let me correct you. How can gymnastics be boring? There are six events, 51 moves, I can barely finish them all in a day how can I be bored? Gymnastics is about skills. Every move has its special way, every events has its own uniqueness so gymnastics isn’t boring at all!  As for tiring, what isn’t tiring? Please tell me.

Q: Are you the seed of happiness in the gymnastics team?
Feng Zhe: Our gymnastics team’s training guiding principle is  gymnastics joy, so all the teammates training here are having fun. Some are enjoying gymnastics, and others are enjoying the obstacles on the pursuit of their dreams! Either way, the gymnastics gym is full of laughter and joys. If you don’t believe me, you should come visit!

Q: What’s the biggest difference before and after success? If you can change your occupation, what would you do?
Feng Zhe: I think the biggest difference before and after the Olympics is my weight. [哼] I gained n kilogram.  I’m too embarrassed to even talk about it!  If I could choose again I would still chose gymnastics. I would chose to join the Chinese gymnastics team, chose to be with my brothers and be the “spoiled potato and eggplant generation”  (idarklight note: their name for their generation following the ‘diamond generation’ of the last 12 years)  , and chose to be with my Coach Wang who I can  bother a million times but he’ll still love me.