Guo Ziyu To Leave HIT-5


Is someone missing?

As we’ve previously mentioned, Hit-5 is back with a brand new album Have You Been Well 你们还好吗. But soon rumors started surfacing about the possibility of a member leaving and possible disbandment. Speculation and accusations were made. Finally TH Entertainment and HIT-5 decided to make an official statement addressing the rumors. Confirming that leader Gking Guo Ziyu will no long promote as a member of HIT-5. Official statement below along with translation.
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A new Chinese boyband for the count: Hit-5

There’s a tons of news each day, and I’m pretty backlogged, so I though I should point this out as a quick-mini-update, in lieu of an actual update. Another Chinese boyband in addition to the rest of the ones popping out. Will the madness ever stop?

Hit-5 “Hit” MV

That’s three that I know now, who are debuting/waiting to debut.

Edit on 10/25. I added profiles. For some reason, despite my love for the superboys, and TopCombine’s association with them, I want Hit-5 to succeed more. It doesn’t seem as Korean influenced.

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