National Treasures come alive in new CCTV program starring Tony Leung, Wang Kai and more

National Treasure 国家宝藏  will showcase 27 historical artifacts from 29 different museums across the country with the help of “protectors” (listed below), who will then present the story behind each piece in a short stage performance.

Actors / hosts featured: Zhang Guoli, Tony Leung Ka-fai, Wang Kai, Liu Tao, Li Chen, Duan Yihong, Wang Gang, He Jiong, Ma Su, Qin Hailu, Chen Xiao, Jackson Yi Yangqianxi, Liu Yijun, Guo Tao, Lei Jiayin, Guan Xiaotong, Sa Beining, Cai Guoqing, Ren Zhong, Ning Jing

Theme song: A Thousand Years in One Glance 一眼千年 – Na Ying

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Fan Bingbing denies she is Madame Bovary


The “circular film format” was a hit with viewers at the Toronto International Film Festival, though it remains to be seen whether the domestic audience will feel the same.

The upcoming feature film I am Not Madame Bovary 我不是潘金莲 is based on the novel of the same name by Liu Zhenyun, and stars Fan Bingbing as Li Xuelian, a countryside woman who spends twenty years in court defending her reputation.

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Merry Christmas from Dad 1 cast!


Dad! Where did Cindy go?

Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate it!

 Going head-to-head with the upcoming film “Where are we going? Dad II” will be another comedy from the dads of the first season – Emperor’s Vacation 爸爸的假期. The film is directed by Wang Yuelun, and notably misses Cindy, but has a guest star from Tian Liang. Wang Yuelun isn’t the best director, so we’ll see how it goes. If anything, the kids will be cute, even if it is scripted.
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Dad, where’s Photoshoot Friday?

A mini PF of some dad members. Tiantian (Angela) and Tiantian are so cute promoting their upcoming movie “Daddy’s Vacation” at the Fusan Film that I might switch ship, while Tian Liang and Cindy are adorable in a forest/school photoshoot. Meanwhile, Bei’er of season 2 puts up her hair in a bun in a beautiful photoshoot for Grazia with mom Bao Lei. Continue reading

Photoshoot Friday: Dad, Where Are You?

I’m sad that none of these pictures have Cindy in them, but on the plus side, there are several with her parents, Tian Liang and Ye YiqianAngela Wang makes an appearance though, together with her parents Wang Yuelun and Li Xiang. Everyone’s favorite Shitou shows off how tough he is while he poses with father Guo Tao. Jimmy Lin looks smart in a suit – no Kimi to be seen, though. Zhang Liang‘s photo leaves us no doubt that he’s a model, with those long legs…But where’s Tian Tian? Having tea with Cindy?

Sorry, jjss08 is completely smitten with this series.

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“Where are we going? Dad” movie coming soon


We have witnessed the growth of the kids as well as the parents in Season 1.

The first season of “Where are we going? Dad” will end on 27 December. The five fathers and their kids have left a deep impression on viewers because of their interesting and cute interactions when they carried out their missions. The movie version will give them a mission called the “Ultimate Challenge” where the five father-kid pair will head towards Guangzhou Changlong Safari Park to play with white tiger cubs, koalas, monkeys, and interact with other animals to test their limits. The director, Teng Huatao who filmed Love is Not Blind will join in this movie.

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Where are we going? To the sea!

tiantian screensaver

Tiantian is so pretty,  a grandpa in this episode was  shocked to find out he was a boy.

Gorgeous and adorable  photos from the Jiming island of Shandong, where the “Where are we going? Dad” group had fun going crabbing, fishing, fixing a seagrass house for an elderly woman, and playing with elderly villagers whose children have left the village to work.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Woman-who-runs-like-the-wind  on her way to see the flower boy.

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“Where are we going? Dad 2” raises record 483 million RMB


If you think  “Superwoman” Cindy is adorable, you’re in good company. Her fans already include Faye Wong,  Gao Yuanyuan, Chen Qiao’en, MingdaoHawick Lau, Wei Chen, Qi Wei, Wen Zhang, Aska Yang, and Li Yuchun.

The show that’s captured viewers with an 89% approval rate  has also captured  the hearts of sponsors, breaking not only viewership ratings but also record sponsorship fees.  Their latest ad sale for season 2 saw the sponsorship go to Yili milk for 312 million RMB, the highest ever for a sponsorship (the second is The Voice of China 3 at 250 million).     This is on top of 171 million RMB of three partnerships, not to mention potential product placement revenues (season 1 had frozen goods, toothpaste, milk, beddings, and cars sponsored) and actual ad revenue to come later. 

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I hear “Where are we going? Dad” is on!

The new record is just one of many in China’s accelerating TV biz. Sponsorship fees have multiplied 20 times since 2005.  

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Jimmy Lin, Tian Liang compete for cutest child-dad combo

Jimmy Lin and Kimi, not related to Qiao Renliang.

Cute fathers, cute children, cuteness overload! Following their success with the I am Singer remake, Hunan TV will remake MBC’s “Dad, Where are we going? 爸爸去哪儿” to replace Super Boys beginning next Friday. The reality show will feature five celebrity fathers – Jimmy Lin, Tian Liang, ZHang Liang, Guo Tao and Wang Yuelun – as they go on adventures with their kids.

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