Guo Jingjing and Kenneth Fok’s wedding tops it all

“In all the world, there’s only you” – the couple at the outdoors wedding party in Guangdong on Saturday.

If you had thought Lin Dan’s wedding was big, look no further to see a bigger one, for Guo Jingjing and Kenneth Hok tops them all. With a guest list that includes Jordanian Prince Ali Bin al Hussein,  richest person of Asian descent Li Ka-shing, Jackie Chan,  Andy Lau, Li Yundi, Li Xiaopeng,  business magnate Allan Zeman, and a host of famous politicians, businessmen and celebrities, the wedding was so big that Hong Kong paparazzi set up boats and giant lifts just to take pictures. The bridesmaids included Guo’s former teammates, Olympic Champions Wu Minxia and Li Na.  A number of her teammates, including Olympic champions Hu Jia, Lin Yue, Luo Yutong, Yang Jinghui and Wang Feng all attended. The wedding itself officiated by Hong Kong’s former Secretary for Justice Elsie Leung.  Some photos from the event below. Continue reading

Guo Jingjing and Kenneth Fok’s wedding shoot, HK Tycoon style

Love at the Water Cube for the couple who dominated weibo for the past week.

From Greece to England and Guangdong to Beijing,  multiple Olympic and world champion in diving Guo Jingjing and Hong Kong tycoon family’s  Kenneth Fok just released a small portion of their extravagant photoshoot in time for their 3-day wedding this weekend.  I’ll be putting more pictures of the actual wedding later.

The photoshoot begins with the pair at Nanshan, the Fok family’s ancestral home, at a museum dedicated to his grandfather. Yeah, you read right, he has a museum for his grandfather.

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Wedding invitations, proposals, and other cuteness.

Seriously, why are Chinese stars so freaking happy this year? So much success in both careers and love that I don’t think I can handle all of them.

After dating for over eight years, diver Guo Jingjing is finally getting married to boyfriend Fok Kai-kong!  Guo Jingjing’s adorable wedding invitation were recently leaked out to the Hong Kong  press. See the photo before for their invitation, which features their baby pictures!

The divers aren’t the only ones tying the knot after the Olympics. Continue reading

Chinese Athletes Sing For 5.12


A group of Chinese athletes got together to sing for the One Year remembrance of the devastating earthquake that occurred during 5.12. The singing is quite bad, but I suppose that makes it more admirable that these athletes would display their lack of vocal skills for Sichuan.

Watch the making of MV here and the actual MV here. The CD +VCD of the single will be sold for 12 yuan, all profits going to the devastated area. The MV was shown in a ceremony where it was screened on that huge LED screen from the Olympics.

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Guo Jingjing back to the pool


Reporter: If diving were a person, how would you describer her?
Guo Jingjing: She is me, and I am her…
The most beautiful moments of diving are the beginning and the ending of a dive. The beginning is like when a painters picks up her brush, contemplating a perfect picture…When you finish, under the water, you’ll know. If you dived well, your whole body will know. Everything is very smooth, comfortable.

-Guo Jingjing on Cosmopolitan

After hesitating about the threat of the Swine flu, the Chinese diving team finally decided to compete in Fort Lauderdale in Florida in the US Grand Prix on May 7-10. Along with them will be Guo Jingjing, who has been on break doing photoshoots such as the above one until now.

sources: CCTV and cosmopolitan

Guo Jingjing’s Costly New Ad


Speaking of Guo Jingjing and silliness, a new commercial featuring her was shot that reportedly cost an upward of 10 million RMB (something like 1.2 million US) . On board for this ad was someone named “Charles”, apparently the best Hong Kong has to offer in terms of ad directors, the lighting production team from the upcoming Mei Lan Fang crew, and photography equipment that with pieces coming separately from Hong Kong and Australia. Not only that, but a designer was called in to make her six swimsuits for her, each costing ten thousand RMB. This ad was for a brand of laundry detergent. Hope result is worth it, unlike than the money spent on BoBo’s OPPO ad.

A Drink is Worth a Thousand Words


It’s become a cliche that a picture is worth a thousand words but lately Chinese media have been going for a variation on that, trying to describe the future of two famous Chinese females, dominant in their respective spheres based on what and how they drink. Neither of these stories warrant a post in themselves, but I found it amusing when juxtaposed together. First rumors of a Zhang Ziyi pregnancy were flying around after she appeared on a talk show. Then at a banquet for the Mei Lan Fang cast and crew she was caught sipping wine putting an end to those rumors quickly. Later, in Japan, Guo Jingjing was photographed sipping away as well, which an entire article was published on how Guo Jingjing was so poised and looked to be settling in to her role as a trendsetting, socialite (in view of her pending marriage). Anyway, silly posts deserve silly polls…so vote!

A row of Chinese starlets

From L-R, China’s Tang Wei, Hong Kong’s Maggie Cheung, Taiwan’s Shu Qi, and Chinese diving star Guo Jingjing sat together at the celebration of the 55th anniversary of a clothing brand. Maggie Cheung and Tang Wei, both proficient in Mandarin, Cantonese and English conversed like old friends and Shu Qi who kept coughing as if she had a cold whispered to Guo Jingjing nonstop. Despite this high possibility of contracting a cold Guo Jingjing kept talking right back, and the two just kept talking incessantly.

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Chinese Diving Queen Guo Jingjing’s Swimsuit Sells

Guo Jingjing auctioned the swimsuit she wore at the Olympics for charity, with the help of Liu Xuan former Sydney 2000 gold-medal gymnast (not under suspicion by IOC, unlike her teammate Yang Yun). The suit sold for 300,000 yuan, which you can divide by something like 7 to get the US amount. In the good old days, before the US economy started failing dismally it was something like 8.

Liu Xuan, who looks remarkably like Guo at times, has been ubiquitous during these Olympics, seen almost more than the actual Olympians. A telecommunications major at university, she was on site as a reporter for TVB, interviewing all the Chinese gymnasts after their routines, interviewed Korean star Rain for his surprise closing ceremony appearance, and was one of the special guests for Eason Chan’s concert in China a few days ago, singing with the 2008 gymnasts. One of the male gymnasts from China’s 2000 team, Xing Aowei also was at the concert as a special guest singer, and was busy this year promoting the olympics not only in Movies but also music videos. Whoever said the fame of athletes fades quickly after their time doesn’t know Chinese athletes. Here’s hoping in 2016 we can still see the stars from 2008 out and about.