Yanxi Palace costars Nie Yuan, Wu Jinyan reunite in modern romance drama

Happiness Will Knock At Your Door Again 幸福还会来敲门 (lit.) is an upcoming romance drama starring Nie Yuan as a doctor whose life hits rock bottom after he is dismissed from his job and finds out his young child isn’t actually related to him. Wu Jinyan costars as policewoman Fang Yan, who helps the child find his/her biological father, and also falls in love with the hero in the process.

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Chengtian and Hua Yi Begin Looking for Younger Talent

Two of China’s biggest entertainment companies are expanding and actively looking to train new talent.

Hua Yi, only five years ago a small company in China, has had a phenomenal year, with the economic situation not hurting them at all. In fact they have essentially said that they have simply too many productions going on.

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Guo Jiaming skips International Emmys for drama with Eva Huang Shengyi


Guo Jiaming (not Guo Jingming), became the youngest best actor nominee in the International Emmy Awards history, nabbing the nom for “My Own Private Deutschland“, a performance that the committee head said opened his eyes to understand Chinese drama and Chinese actors better. He already opened my eyes to the existence of an International Emmy.

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