Deyun Club’s Fall/Winter 2019 World Tour Schedule

Zhang Yunlei arrived in Melbourne today with a huge extended family for a work-vacation.

Who knew the Chinese entertainment company with the most overseas performances (don’t quote me on that) would be a comedic group? I knew I should’ve stanned them earlier instead of artists who never come to America except to film commercials and MV’s.
Four groups will be performing in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, New Zealand, Australia, Canada (two groups), the United States (two groups), and Dubai this September and November. Two groups have also performed in Japan, Thailand, and Vancouver earlier this year.  

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Lyric translation: Visiting the Qingshui River

Remember how the post on Chinese names mentioned most people use their ming as their first name? Guo Degang’s students are some of the last exceptions in entertainment.  Everyone who studies under Guo Degang receives a zi when they’re deemed worthy. Zhang Yunlei’s Yunlei and his partner Yang Jiulang’s Jiulang are both zi.

A criticism of opium addiction and the oppressive social order during the late Qing dynasty, Beijing folk ballad  Visiting the Qingshui River 探清水河 tells the tragedy of a pair of star-crossed lovers.

If the song sounds familiar, it might be because it uses the same tune as Qinhuai River of film The Flowers of War.

Zhang Yunlei singing his popular abridged guitar version with fans:

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Zombies,medicine, Ning Huanyu add “Mystery” to tomb-raiding film


Always bring medicine in case of zombie eunuchs.

If you can’t do it best, do it first. That’s what Mystery: The World of Tomb Raiding 秘术之盗墓江湖 hopes to do in the slew of tomb-raiding movies and dramas coming soon.     If anything, I was definitely lured by the traditional-medicine-inspired posters, and super impressed when I heard the theme song by Ning Huanyu (composed by him, too!)  playing in the background.  The film stars Ady An Yixuan, Jiro Wang, Guo Degang, and Ning Huanyu.

Theme song and MV, lyrics/composition by Ning Huanyu:

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