Poetry of the Song Dynasty releases first trailer

Director Li Shaohong’s latest historical drama, Poetry of the Song Dynasty 大宋宫词, released its first trailer today. The series stars Liu Tao as Empress Liu E and Vic Chou as the Emperor Zhenzong of Song, and follows their love story and ascent to power.

Creative character posters for Liu Tao, Vic Chou’s upcoming historical drama

Liu Tao becomes a figure in the painting Night Revels of Han Xizai

Director Li Shaohong, best known for Palace of Desires and Dream of Red Mansions 2010, has a new female-centric historical drama Poetry of the Song Dynasty 大宋宫词 (previously La Royauté 女君纪) in the works, and has cast Liu Tao (The Advisors Alliance) as empress Liu E. She is depicted as a jealous concubine who swapped the emperor’s son for a commoner’s baby in folk legend Civet Cat Exchanged for Crown Prince 《狸猫换太子》.

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