Dilraba, Yang Yang cast in latest Gu Man adaptation

I can’t decide which drama has a more attractive lead couple, this or Yang Mi and Xu Kai’s new drama.

Dilraba and Yang Yang are on a roll with perfectly casted roles. They’ll be playing a big celebrity vs space engineer couple who meets while playing multiplayer game Honor of Kings in the latest Gu Man (Love O2O, The Boss & Me) adaptation, You Are My Honor 你是我的荣耀.

Dilraba plays actress Qiao Jingjing, who takes a crash course in Honor of Kings after signing an endorsement deal. She ends up taking the course from her high school crush Yu Tu, a space engineering grad student. Meanwhile, Yu Tu is debating between pursuing space engineering in the public sector or taking on a much more financially rewarding private sector job.

Yang Yang’s righteous but boyish looks are perfect for Yu Tu, while Dilraba will be able to bring back the slightly-proud but mostly-goofy personality that she does so well into Qiao Jingjing. Plus, she’ll get a bunch of glamourous red carpet looks for the show. Honestly, I think this and The Long Ballad are her best-cast roles since her first breakthrough role as Gao Wen.

Online personas revealed for Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang’s Love O2O


Can someone actually explain to me what Love O2O means?

The upcoming college romance drama Love O2O 微微一笑很倾城 starring Yang Yang (Whirlwind Girl) and Zheng Shuang (The Three Heroes and Five Gallants) has released an abundance of stills and trailers ahead of its premiere tonight (August 22nd).

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Yang Yang, Zheng Shuang fall in love online


Set half in an online wuxia game and half in reality, Wei Wei Yi Xiao Hen Qing Cheng 微微一笑很倾城 is the third of author Gu Man’s novels to be adopted by Croton Media (the other two being The Boss & Me and My Sunshine).

Zheng Shuang and Yang Yang play a pair of college classmates who fell in love through an online video game, where the two play heads of two clans on an online role-playing game with an ancient setting. You can read a translation of the novel here.  Mao Xiaotong plays her best friend.

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“You Are My Sunshine” releases trailer

Can you believe it's been ten years since these two acted together?  @Liu Yifei

“If you’ve met the one, you never settle. ”  – Yang Mi’s  Guo Xiang  Zhao Mosheng

I was feeling iffy about the film version of   You Are My Sunshine,  but both the character posters and the trailer have looked so good that  I’m actually really looking forward to this.

The trailer released today focuses mostly on our leads played by Yang Mi and Huang Xiaoming, following them back in time through their seven years apart.  It also has glimpses of the supporting cast of Angelababy, Tong Dawei, model He Sui, EXO’s Huang Zitao, Xie Yilin, Li Chen, Ma Su, Sun Yizhou, and Joan Chen Chong.

“My Sunshine” unapologetically cheerful in character posters


“Sorry, I didn’t have an abortion. May 1st, return simplicity to love” – Yang Mi as the idealistic Zhao Mosheng

Unapologetic for the story’s simple and pure love story (I still don’t understand how the TV version managed to drag for 40+ episodes ) and poking fun at the recent surge in films about youth love stories that are a bit too similar,  the film version of Gu Man’s You Are My Sunshine 何以笙箫默 released its first set of stills this week.

The  Enlight film stars Yang Mi, Huang Xiaoming, Angelababy, Tong Dawei, Xie Yilin, and film debuts by EXO’s Huang Zitao and model He Sui. The film is set for a May 1st release.

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Zhang Jie sings yet another theme song; Tang Yan, Wallace Chung pretty in the sun


If you ever get a jeopardy question “this person sung the theme song for XX drama”, your best bet would be “Who is Zhang Jie?” After singing the themes for Ancient Sword, Cosmetology High, and Romance of the Condor Heroes, he’s also taken over the theme from My Sunshine starring Tang Yan, Wallace Chung.

P.S. I just figured out this series is from the  team that brought you the adorable The Boss & Me.  This means … yep, legal viewing right on YouTube via the official Croton Media channel. It also means we’ll get a speedy release. Some more recent stills below the cut, and theme song MV below:

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“The Boss & Me” hopes to be comfort food for the mind

Zhang Han is not pleased. I wonder why.

Here in the U.S., Chinese food is often great comfort food, but until recently, most famous Chinese dramas have been anything but comforting, filled instead with intrigue and plotting.  Luckily, a number of major “comfort dramas”, filled with laughs and fluffy happiness, are hoping to change that.   Next in line is The Boss & Me 杉杉来吃 (Shanshan, Come and Eat) , adapted from the short novel by Gu Man about a girl who must face the difficult task of eating too much delicious food from her boss. The book is one of the most popular “ice cream” literature, a genre that’s pure cuteness and romance begun by Xijuan, whose books Zhao Liying’s adorable Lovebirds 戏/错点鸳鸯 series is based on.  Gu Man’s two other books, including 何以笙箫默 starring Tang Yan, Wallace Chung, are also in the works.

More stills of the leads Zhao Liying, Zhang Han, Huang Ming, Zhang Yang’guo’er, and Bai Keli below the cut.

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