First look at Zhang Yuqi, Gao Weiguang in The Outsider

Zhang Yuqi as Su Mo

Modern romance drama The Outsider 误入浮华 stars Zhang Yuqi as the ordinary employee who gets embroiled in her boss’ (Gao Weiguang) office politics as he fights for power within the family business.

The 38 episode drama is directed by Cui Liang (Another Me) and written by Zhang Jie (Legend of Qingnang).

Gao Weiguang as Wang Ju’an
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Stars attend Tencent awards show in Nanjing

Most of the stars that have had or will have shows broadcast on Tencent attended the event. The actresses have my utmost respect today – it’s currently 2 degrees Celsius in Nanjing. Which look do you like best?

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Zhang Ruoyun’s Sword Snow Stride releases first stills

I just had to put this still of Zhang Tian’ai as Nangong Puye at the top.

Snow Sword Stride promos have this traditional wuxia feel, and I am absolutely loving it. Starring Zhang Ruoyun, Hu Jun, Li Gengxi, Gao Weiguang and Zhang Tian’ai, the drama is in the final stages of filming.

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Friday Photos

I knew Hanikezi was perfect for Snow White.

Photos, stills, and posters that caught our eyes this week. What caught yours?

Zhou Junchao and Hanikezi in Dance of the Sky Empire
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Promo Round-up: Three Lives Three Worlds, The Pillow Book

Eternal Love of Dream / Three Lives Three Worlds, The Pillow Book follows the two thousand year-long romance between a nine-tailed fox deity (Dilraba) and the much revered Lord Donghua (Gao Weiguang).

The 56 episode drama releases 2 eps every Thurs-Sat with six additional episodes for VIP members and additional episodes for ordering beginning Feb 20th. English subs will be available on Tencent / WeTV app.

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Jiang Xin, Gao Weiguang begin filming adaption of Go Away Mr. Tumor

The remake of Bai Baihe’s hit drama film is titled Living Toward the Sun 向阳而生 and stars Jiang Xin as Xiong Dun, an illustrator who published her struggles with terminal cancer through a humorous series of cartoons. Gao Weiguang stars as the heroine’s dreamy doctor and subject of her hilarious fantasies.

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Trailer for Dilraba, Gao Weiguang’s The Pillow Book

Three Lives Three Worlds: The Pillow Book 三生三世枕上书 stars Dilraba as fox spirit Fengjiu who intends to repay a debt of gratitude to the revered deity Donghua (Gao Weiguang). Part of their story was included in Eternal Love, and this drama will probably be filling in the gaps. Yang Mi reprises her role as Bai Qian in a guest appearance.

Friday Photos

Li Yifeng and Chris Hemsworth buddy agent movie at a watch event.

Posters, stills, photoshoots, and random photos that caught my eye this week.

Gao Weiguang and Brie Larson  at a fashion   event.

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