Zheng Shuang’s coming-of-age drama airs tonight

Director Zhao Baogang (Struggle, My Youthfulness) is back with Youth Fight 青春斗, a 38 episode drama revolving around the friendship of four university graduates, their struggles and successes. Starring Zheng Shuang, Gai Yuexi, Xu Yue, Chen Xiaoyun and Wang Xiuzhu, the series airs daily on Beijing TV and Dragon TV beginning tonight.

(Episodes will be available on Youtube in the same channel)



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Zhang Yishan plays seven different personalities in upcoming romantic comedy

Seven Versions of Myself is the official remake of Korean drama Kill Me, Heal Me and stars Zhang Yishan as a man with seven personalities. Cai Wenjing (Above the Clouds) plays a first year psychiatry resident and his love interest. Zhang Xiaoqian (Ode to Joy) plays her twin brother, and Gao Taiyu (Xuanyuan Sword: Clouds of Han) rounds out the main quartet as the hero’s cousin and main rival.

The 34 episode drama premieres on December 13th, and will release two episodes every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 10pm (Tencent).

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A Round Trip to Love the latest in string of BL works


The main lead before they stole the over-exposed filter from Revive.

Now that investors have seen the path to riches and fame through a string of BL dramas that have shot to fame, it seems like we’re seeing an influx of them.  The latest, net film  A Round Trip to Love 双程  stars little-known actors (as usual)  Gao Taiyu, Huang Jingxiang, Xiang Hao, and Yi Shuai as the two main pairs. I think both pairs follow the classic possessive-CEO-meets-Cinderella story.

The series is based on the book of the same name by Lan Lin. Has anyone read this? I’m getting a creepy feeling from the overly possessive guy from the trailer.  On the positive side, the trailer is English-subbed, which means the film will probably be, too.