Swords of Legends 2 streams today

How much chemistry will real-life couple Fu Xinbo and Ying’er have?

Ancient Sword/Swords of Legends 2 古剑奇谭2 begins streaming today on Youku here. Like most Youku dramas, it’s not blocked in the US. It’s eight episodes per week for members and one episode per day for free.

Starring Fu Xinbo, Ying’er,   Aarif Rahman, and Jiang Wen the series is loosely based on the video game of the same name and not a  sequel to the first one.  They’re joined by Ken Chang, Dylan Kuo, Zeng Li, Hu Bing, and Shao Bing.

Theme song by Jane Zhang; character posters ; stills ; Trailer below:


Review: A Familiar Recipe Makes Happiness Chocolate Sweet Enough

Akin to a Hershey’s bar, Happiness Chocolate follows a familiar but still sweet formula for this drama drought season.

As a semi-Fu Xinbo stan, I must admit this is  the only drama of his I’ve managed to half-way finish. The currently airing Happiness Chocolate 幸福巧克力 was a surprising fit for this drama drought. It’s far from revolutionary, but the leads are cute enough that it fits well in the category of established idol dramas full of chocolaty sweetness.

Happiness Chocolate  is your standard idol drama featuring a happy-go-lucky poor girl and a  rebellious rich boy (but super friendly instead of obnoxious).  The story plays on a little twist in that at one point, no one liked the poor rich male lead.


The Journey to air

Don’t know if I have what it takes to deal with these antics. XD

The Journey 寻找前世之旅 has is revving up for its release on January 16th.  Starring Ma Ke, Fu Xinbo, and Kang Lei, people who haven’t found a drama to their liking yet during this release-intense period can give this a try.

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The Journey releases stills… omg…

Showing you the reasonable stuff first.

The Journey 寻找前世之旅 has released stills.  Starring Ma Ke, Fu Xinbo, and Kang Lei, don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.  I was going to make fun of one or two of the images below but then I thought I would let the images speak for themselves.

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The Journey begins filming

What the !@#$# did they do to his hand?!?

The Journey 寻找前世之旅 has begun filming, based on the novel by Vivibear (who I have heard some… erm… interesting things about).  Starring Ma KeFu Xinbo, and Kang Lei, fans of these actors can probably give this a try.

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The Foxes of Azure Hills airs on Chinese New Year

The real reason this is airing relatively quickly after filming...
The real reason this is airing relatively quickly after filming…

The Foxes of Azure Hills/Legend of the Qing Qiu Fox seems to be set for release tomorrow, February 8th.  Starring Jiang Jinfu, Gulnazar, Jin Chen,  Mike D. AngeloXiao Caiqi,  Chen Yao, Zhang Ruoyun, Zhang RuoxuanJiang Kaitong, Zhai Tianlin, Fu Xinbo and Wang Kai, prepare for the usual promotion barrage.

Theme song by Yu Kewei below and more goodies below the cut.

Theme song 2, Insert song by Claire Kuo, Promo 1, Wang Kai Promo 2, Trailer-Promo 3,

[youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_G46DLK_dM] (more…)

The Foxes of Azure Hills set to air in February

I am hoping that some of the improvements in production value from Qin’s moon carry over into this drama.

The Foxes of Azure Hills has released foggy stills with plenty of editing.  Starring Jiang Jinfu, Gulnazar, Jin Chen,  Mike D. Angelo (as Wu Yifan), Xiao Caiqi (as Sun Li),  Chen Yao, Zhang Ruoyun, Zhang RuoxuanJiang Kaitong (as Liu Shishi), Zhai Tianlin, Fu Xinbo and Wang Kai (as Yuan Hong), those looking forward to this drama can probably look for a late February release. This is the third drama to air in a role starring Jiang Jinfu (the other two being Qin’s Moon and The Adventure for Love 寻找爱的冒险, which airs on the 20th on Hunan TV), and the sixth with Wang Kai.

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