Promo Round-up: The Sleuth of Ming Dynasty

The Sleuth of the Ming Dynasty pairs court official (Guan Hong) and secret police detective (Fu Mengbo) together to solve a bunch of cases before discovering a bigger conspiracy awaits. Liu Yaoyuan costars as the leader of the Eastern Depot.

You can watch the drama English subbed on Youtube here.

Costume Design

Ending theme song “Mortal World” by Cui Zege, Xu Liang
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Promo Round-up: My Mowgli Boy

Ma Tianyu plays Mowgli (Mogeli), a boy who grew up with wild animals in the forest. He is accidentally taken into the city by budding entrepreneur Ling Xi (Yang Zi), and after some cohabitation shenanigans, they eventually fall in love.

Produced by the team behind Rush to the Dead Summer, the 50 episode drama will release 2 episodes every Thursday to Sunday on iQiyi. VIP members get an 8 episode head start. It looks like it’ll be English Subbed on Viki soon here.

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BL drama adaption The Sleuth of Ming Dynasty casts Guan Hong, Fu Mengbo

The Sleuth of Ming Dynasty 成化十四年 stars Guan Hong (New Meteor Garden) as local officer Tang Fan, who must work together with secret police agent Sui Zhou (Fu Mengbo) to solve a series of murder cases that are all connected within a bigger conspiracy. Liu Yaoyuan costars as Wang Zhi, leader of the Eastern Depot.

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