JA Fu Longfei – Stand

Feel the storm and clouds of my breath
Hear the thunder and lighting of my voice
See the stars that are my eyes
My limbs point North, East, West, and South
My skin stretch across the open earth
Pangu cut open the heavens and the Earth,
to watch me perform

Unabashedly bold, Yaoband member Zhang Jinghao’s lyrics evoke such majestic imagery  in all his songs. I love how you can tell his influences even in collabs, such as this song he cowrote with and for JA Fu Longfei. Here, Fu Longfei compares himself to Pangu, the mythical hero who cut open the world to cause essentially the Big Bang in Chinese lore.

Fu Longfei’s live version at a new song competition show, Unlimited Show Season 无限歌谣季,  at 1h16m40s

JL’s Jason Added to NU’EST Sub-Group

Why do we need this new kid?

Why is this old guy joining our group?

In another Chinese-Korean collab, Yuehua Entertainment and  Pledis Entertainment announced their partnership in a recent press meeting, a partnership they’re been working on for the past few months. The first project out of this partnership is NU’EST-M, formed by adding JL’s Jason Fu Longfei to the original five members. In a company that houses big names like Bibi Zhou, Han Geng, alan, and Zhang Yao, it seems easy to overlook an ex-member of a short-lived boyband. But it’s hard to forget JL, or rather Jason, who composed the debut single that gained the duet their first wave of fans.

Don’t remember or know JL? Here’s a song Jason started composing in high school:
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