Hua Qian’gu release theme song, teasers, and stills

Poof!! We’re getting released!!

Hua Qian’gu has decided to release the whole she-bang on us before their June 9th release.  Starring Zhao Liying, Jiang Xin, and Wallace Huo, listen to their theme song “Fire of the Heart” by F.I.R.  feat Julia Peng here and watch the trailer below.

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“The Journey of Flower” releases trailer

I didn’t know J.J. Abrams was involved in this project…

Lesson of the day: everybody has a vendetta against Hua Qian’gu.  A trailer has been released for the drama starring Wallace Huo, Zhao Liying, Jiang Xin, Zhang Danfeng, Ma Ke, Li Chun, and Bao Tianqi.  From it, we can see the path of Hua Qian’gu (Zhao Liying) from the last God on earth to being the only apprentice under the Immortal Bai Zihua (Wallace Huo), her struggles to save her teacher, the factors leading to her eventual corruption to also become the Demon-god,  the build up to the War of the Worlds, her decision to force Bai Zihua to destroy himself, and their reuniting after reincarnation. Thehy They even provided a English-dubbed trailer here so you can appreciate the Chinese dubbing.

Showtime for Jiang Xin and co in Hua Qian’gu

Probably one of my favorite stills from this series so far.

Zhao Liying‘s titular character from Flowers of Bones/ Hua Qiangu isn’t the only female in the series…(although she shape out to be the only one who’s loved so far. An alternate ending to the book even featured her with a harem consisting of all her admirers). A set of stills specially released of Jiang Xin (whose character was once an immortal, but became corrupted after falling in love with Wallace Huo‘s character and turned to the demonic path) is proof of this…although the other female characters have yet to appear in stills that aren’t ignored character posters. There are plenty of guys, though – find them below the cut! Continue reading

More gorgeous stills from Hua Qian’gu

Skinship in the snow!

I really hope the camera work for Zhao Liying and Wallace Huo’s upcoming drama Hua Qian’gu is somewhat close to how lovely the stills seem, although the more I read about the plot synopsis, the more I dislike the story. Also, if the drama goes with the book’s original ending, you should prepare for a tragedy. Welcome to a world in which Wallace Huo’s character is always brooding and secretly in love with a much younger girl-become-woman, and yet Ma Ke‘s (first and last still under cut) imitation of Wallace (or Ctrl + F Chen Xiao) is supposed to be the most beautiful person in the six realms.

What’s your first impression after seeing the gorgeous stills below the cut? Mine was that it looked like Wallace’s character was pregnant…

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Hua Qian’gu releases photos of Wallace Huo

Help, I can't pick between Hu Ge and Tang Yan!

Help, I can’t pick between Hu Ge and Tang Yan!

The gods must’ve heard all your wishes to see Wallace Huo, because fantasy-wuxia series Hua Qian’gu 花千骨 released a set of stills for Wallace Huo today. He plays the most respected and one of the oldest fairy (xian*) of the realm who takes the prepubescent Zhao Liying’s Hua Qian’gu under his wings. He will spend most of the series conflicted between his duty to the world and his creepy forbidden love for Hua Qian’gu.

* The word 仙(xian) is often translated as fairy but is more of a Taoist concept indicating humans who have reached immortality through practice)

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Hua Qian’gu releases photos of Zhao Liying

Zhao Liying totally pulling off the 13-year-old  look for her character’s pre-puberty years.

The first set of stills/character posters for Zhao Liying, Wallace Huo‘s Hua Qian’gu  花千骨 was released. Based on the book Hua Qian’gu in Fairyland 仙侠奇缘之花千骨, the series tells of an unlucky orphan (Zhao Liying) who somehow ends up training under the most respected and, as it happens, handsome fairy* of the land (Wallace Huo). On the way there, she befriends the lord of the underworld, the emperor of the human world, and a few other powerful and pretty friends who become useful once she’s in charge of ruining the world saving her teacher and forbidden true love.

* The word 仙 is often translated as fairy but is more of a Taoist concept indicating humans who have reached immortality through practice)

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