“The Message” Tops the Box Office during China’s National Holiday Week


Huang Xiaoming goes behind the lens to shoot Zhou Xun on Feng Sheng's set

The Message (Feng Sheng) topped the coveted national holiday week, with 150 million RMB (22 USD) which is really, really high to the point of raising eyebrows. Either way, the film has done what Hua Yi has out to do  – be a blockbuster, and  showcase some of its finest actors, which has been accomplished with both main actresses nabbing Golden Horse nods.  Actor Huang Xiaoming also got to show off his improvement  singing, by performing the theme song live rather impressively (though not enough for me to want another album from him). Li Bingbing and Alec Su look like they’re enjoying the performance too.

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HuaYi will Release Three Hour Version of “The Message” if Box Office Does Well


Huang Xiaoming's scene where he inspects Li Bingbing's body has nearly a full-movie's amount of shot footage.

What a bribe. Film company Hua Yi has said that they will release a 3 hour version of The Message on DVD if the box office exceeds 300 million yuan (this was what Hua Yi’s previous blockbuster If You Are the One got easily). I hope this means some of the more graphic  scenes like the one that took place between Huang Xiaoming and Li Bingbing (above) would be unedited. Usually I’m not one for torture and blood and that sort of movie, but I really want to see this particular one  it in its gory glory.The running length in theaters was 122 min, which audiences have said was too short.


Huang Xiaoming Sings the Second Theme for “The Message”, Cast Does Cosmo


Huang Xiaoming, Li Bingbing, and Zhang Hanyu

Three of the actors of the film, including Huang Xiaoming graced this month’s cover for Cosmo; the rest of that shoot behind the cut. I really hope there are outtakes, because the HXM + LBB ones  in the vid below looked cute. Although what I really want for a photoshoot is one with  LBB and Zhou Xun.

Behind the Scenes of the Cosmo Shoot:

The theme song sung by Huang Xiaoming is below the cut, because after watching the Cosmo shoot vid, I decided it was cuter.

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“The Message” and “Body Guards and Assasins” Trailers released


Zhou Xun in "The Message"

Ok, so two trailers for two very anticipated and high budget movies came out. While Bodyguards and Assassins gives a frantic feel, the Message has an understated ambiance. Which are you going to watch?

The Message Trailer

Thanks to qiaozi426 @youtube.

Go below the cut for  a behind the scenes look at The Message, and the Bodyguards and Assasins trailer.

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