Suspense thriller The Journey Across the Night releases trailer

One of my most anticipated thriller series, The Journey Across the Night 我在香港遇见他, has finally released a trailer. I’m going to be honest, the trailer was too scary for me to finish since I need to get to the ending of anything scary in one sitting. On the other hand, the fact that the trailer is scary is good for a thriller, right?

The series is directed by Ju Xingmao (Soul Ferry) and stars Zeng Shunxi and underrated actresses Cherry Ngan (Original Sin) and Huang Yao (The Crossing) . It looks like it’ll be streaming on Youku soon-ish.

Promo Round-up: bromance undercover cop thriller Breaking Dawn

This has to be the homiest poster ever for a crime-thriller. Pun was not intended.

In a world where most mafia leaders and cops are handsome young men, what undercover cop Zhang Chen (Cai Zhichen) thought was his last day as a mole in the local drug syndicate turned out to only be the beginning of a dangerous new endeaver.  He teams up and rooms with former special forces agent and grumpy hunk Guo Yang (Yang Shize ) to take down both the local crime boss (Feng Jianyu aka the OG bromance lead) as well as the mysterious new drug lord from country T.

Based on the bl novel of the same name, bromance crime-thriller Breaking Dawn 晨阳 ( the title takes one character from each of their names, not from the Twilight Saga )  began streaming April 9th on iQiyi here.  Two episodes will be released every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, with six extra episodes for VIP members. The series co-stars Nine Percent’s  Wang Linkai aka Xiaogui , Mr.Bio’s Zhou Yanchen, Zhu Xingjie from Idol Producer,   Ren Youlun,  Fan Yize, Li Ya’nan,  Lv Xingchen, and Liu Ruoyan.

English-subbed trailer below and theme song by Xiaogui here.

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