“Home Sweet Home” lightens up primetime TV

First idol drama leads Wan Qian and Li Jiahang make a surprisingly cute couple.

A light-hearted change to the dramatic prime time TV spots, “Home Sweet Home 我家有喜” brings the usual Qiong Yao drama’s bright colors and clean, cute outfits and setting,  but has a lot more fun.     The “My Fair Princess” cast returns, with the second leads now two of the main leads, and trust me, everyone looks so much better with good stylists.

The drama has already finished airing, so you can watch the entire series online. Photos below the cut.

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“Home, sweet home” releases trailer, character posters

Princess Ziwei is ditching Erkang ?

Featuring a fun, young cast mostly from New My Fair Princess, modern series Home, sweet home 我家有喜 will soon start airing on September 11th. The series, a remake of Famous Princesses,  tells of a family with three daughters of vastly different personalities.  The oldest is a fierce military officer, the second a celeb wannabe, and the third a teen mom. Add in a love rectangle involving the fraternal twins (1st and 2nd), and you got drama in the brewing.  Watch the trailer below and character descriptions below the cut.

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