Valentine’s Day Promos Round-Up

Winner of Best Valentine’s Day drama poster – My Roommate is a Detective

Valentine’s Day posters and photoshoots that caught our eyes this week. Which couples are you already shipping?

Love and Redemption 30s MV with music by Zhou Shen
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Promo Round-up: Fairyland Lovers

Fairyland Lovers 蓬莱间 stars Bai Yu as a doctor who helps spirits let go of mortal desires and transforms them into proper human beings. Zheng Qiuhong plays the reincarnation of the hero’s lover from a thousand years ago. Ji Xiaobing costars as a general from Heaven, who I assume is responsible for keeping the main couple apart.

The Tencent web drama will release 2 episodes every Mon-Wed beginning tonight.

Teaser 2

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