Photoshoot Friday: May 31, 2013 – Dreamland edition

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There’ll be two parts to the photoshoot round up this week; part two will be out shortly. Yao Chen was married a few months ago, but now she’s sharing lovely stills from her wedding (preparations?) with us.  Eva Huang Shengyi seems to be competing with Snow White; elegant with white and red lips. Fan Bingbing‘s shoot with Aarif Lee is so sugary and pink that it could give you diabetes – thought some people might argue that the mother and daughter photoshoot Che Rao and Wang Li are showing us is even sweeter. Continue reading

Tian Liang, Li Xiaopeng, Li Na, Lin Dan, Zhou Jihong to head “Splash”


“I jump, you jump. ” – actual words Tian Liang used to convince Twins to jump. Except this time, the male’s probably the one to survive.

What other show would have divers Tian Liang and Li Na as the the coaches, gymnast Li Xiaopeng and diver Zhou Jihong as the judges, and badminton player Lin Dan* as a guest?  That’s a total of fourteen Olympic medals, not to mention the fact that since Zhou Jihong is responsible for all of China’s diving medals as the head coach of the Chinese diving coach since the 2000 Olympics.

“Spash 中国星跳跃,” one of the two celebrity diving shows airing this week, will  also feature Charlene Choi, who was going to do a synchronised dive with fellow Twins member Gillian Chung before Gillian had to pull out because of a heart condition, philanthropist Chen Guangbiao, actress Eva Huang Shengyi, actor Gao Hu, actress  Liu Xinyu (BuBuJingXin), actor  Shi Xiaolong, singer Chae Yeon, singer Xuan Zi, etc.

Watch Tian Liang’s ad for “Splash” below.

*unconfirmed, but not unlikely since the gymnastics-diving-badminton teams are managed by the same company, a seed company of Li-Ning that’s headed by the now-retired Li Xiaopeng.

Stills from A Tribute to Stephen Chow


This is satirical series which involves a series of homages to Stephen Chow movies, and revolves around the character of “Xiao Qiao” played by Jing Boran, in his acting debut. Eva Huang Shengyi, whose company is backing this series will be making an appearance as well, despite having been at odds with Stephen Chow over her contract to appear in more Kung Fu Hustle films in the boring role of the lollipop girl. When asked by media about this she said this wasn’t a big deal, and was doing it as a favor to her company.

More pictures below, including one of her and her manager/sometimes actor, Yang Zi (who paid her way out of that contract) in a familiar position, but mostly of Jing Boran, the younger one in singing duo BoBo, which incidentally won best mainland group at the “Wind and Cloud” newcomer awards. Expect a fairly detailed post on that particular awards ceremony once better videos come out.

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Guo Jiaming skips International Emmys for drama with Eva Huang Shengyi


Guo Jiaming (not Guo Jingming), became the youngest best actor nominee in the International Emmy Awards history, nabbing the nom for “My Own Private Deutschland“, a performance that the committee head said opened his eyes to understand Chinese drama and Chinese actors better. He already opened my eyes to the existence of an International Emmy.

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Chinese Celebrities When They Were Young

I said I would do a special fun post in exchange for someone making my banner when site hit 10,000. Well, here it is as promised, although nobody ever made me a banner. :( This is still incomplete…I don’t have a few people in here, and I wanted to put an after pic of everyone, but I got way too tired of that so I only put some for some people I didn’t think people would know (like all the mainland guys apparently), but eventually I will update this and make it the most comprehensive Chinese celeb baby picture list ever.

Love or hate her, you’ve got to admit Liu Yifei was one of the most adorable children ever.

More of cute adorable children behind the cut. I think it’s really rare for Chinese people to do plastic surgery (as of now) so this won’t be one of those “spot the differences” posts. This took a lot of time and effort to put together, so PLEASE DO NOT COPY AND POST ANYWHERE ELSE, w/o permission.

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