Mermaid Kingdom begins filming; China dives into fantasy films?

Drawings for Mermaid Kingdom on imdb

The long rumored “Mermaid Kingdom” (official : Empires of the Deep) is said to have recently begun filming. The Huayi (?) co-production will feature Monica Belluci, Liu Ye, Hu Jun and Yu Na and tells the tale of a young man stumbling upon a kingdom under the sea. According to sohu, special effects creation for it begun three years ago.

This isn’t the only large-scale fantasy film to be made in 2010. Shengshi‘s adaptation of online novel “Xing Chen Bian/星辰变/Change of Fate” and an adaptation of Guo Jingming’s novel “Ice Fantasy “ are both major upcoming films that will require tons of special effects. The first is set in a videogame like world that involves fighting against hordes of magical animals, having a best friend bird that can eat up lightning, and going to a heavenlike place in an alternate universe. “Ice Fantasy” stars the prince of the Ice Kingdom. His wife is a mermaid, and members of his entourage include a Guzheng player who creates illusions by playing music.