ee-Media releases New Year calendar

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You know you’re growing old when … you don’t recognize a dozen or so people on eeMedia’s New Year gimmick. No colorful New Year MV‘s this year, but eeMedia does have a fun calendar featuring favorites like Top Combine, Li Yuchun, Zheng Shuang, Wei Chen, Zhang Jie, Ou Hao, Fu Mengni, Yu Kewei, Yu Tian, Hua Chenyu,etc.

Not only can you have
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N13 Studio combines visuals, music

At a time when most are using the default, eeMedia’s N13 Visual Studio dares to experiment with typography, and writes many of their own fonts.

Despite all their successes, Hunan TV once  lacked the visuals to back them up, resulting in lackluster MV’s and stages for great  talents. The entrance of the N13   Visual Studio, headed by the talented Peng Youlun, has made eeMedia at the frontiers of staging effects and MV qualities in China.   

Among Peng Youlun’s more colorful MV’s, such as Su Miaoling’s Time Portrait below , she tend to use a lot of filters(?) to blur the colors a bit.  Similar techniques are used in Zhang Jie’s First Lady.

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Be Happy, Be Chinese – Hunan TV and the decentralization of Chinese TV

On the 20th, Hunan TV will launch its global channel with the logo, Be Happy, Be Chinese."

On the 20th, Hunan TV will launch its global channel with the logo, Be Happy, Be Chinese a continuation of its Happy China slogan

8 PM, Beijing Time. Xin Wen Lian Bo blares across every local and national TV station in China. For years, China has had one centralized new source for everything – Xinhua in print and CCTV on TV. While local stations are mostly allowed freedom, at 8:00pm everyday, all channels are required to show CCTV’s daily news report. But perhaps not for long. Last year, Hunan TV appealed to SARFT, China’s governmental media agency, to be allowed to broadcast its own news report rather than that of CCTV’s. Or so it was rumored. Despite the falsehood of this rumor, the fact that people believed it showed how much Hunan TV’s prestige has risen. This is only one sign of the recent decentralization of Chinese media sources, especially in the rise of local channels in popularity as interest in the state media declined.

These local channels, spearheaded by Hunan TV, although still mostly state-owned stations, lack the formalities of CCTV and are allowed to be more creative.

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Li Yuchun still the queen of EE Media


JJ Lin’s accompaniment, Andy Lau’s dance teacher, Madonna’s designer, and…Chris Lee?

Why not? On March 21, 2009, Chris Lee dance battled with JJ Lin, wore costumes by Tuleh’s Bryan Bradley and smiled at the sea of yellow.

How does she and her team do it? This started out as a companion piece to EE Media’s weaknesses (the He Jie article), but it’s also a celebration of Li Yuchun’s own strengths, which in fact, are EE Media’s own forte.

Let’s dance

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Baby Jie grows up and moves out


I think this may be a Watercube replica that she's holding, but it also might just be tofu. It also might be tofu in the shape of the watercube.

What’s the difference between one and four?

In the first year of their stardom, Chris Lee and He Jie, once best friends from the Sichuan Music Conservatory, won 1st and 4th respectively in Super Girls.

Four years later, March 2009 –
For her birthday, Chris Lee held her annual Why Me concert in Guangdong with soldout tickets and a sea of yellow.

Two weeks later, on He Jie’s birthday, He Jie announced that she would leave EE Media.
Why such different outcomes?

In honor of He Jie, the cute “Jie Baobao”, and both myself and Cfensi’s favorite Supergirl alumni, this is a look into eeMedia’s flaws. Btw – don’t take anything out of here without also posting its companion piece coming soon.

This is the performance that drew me into cpop. Hopefully, He Jie’s musical dreams are only hibernating and will make a comeback soon.

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Meteor Shower’s female leads and first stills

Chu Yuqian begs Yu Xin to stay after falling in the water

Chu Yuxun is sad that idarklight wrote her name wrong

Zheng Shuang off-camera

Zheng Shuang off-camera

Meteor Shower is a co-production between Hunan TV, EE Media and Beijing Chunqiu. The drama plans to be aired this summer. It will be directed by Taiwanese director of  “The Outsiders” and the script took the team of Wang Hanlin over a year to finish.  EE Media CEO Long Danni stated that “Meteor Garden” is a combination of the best production team from both sides of the strait.

The director of the drama, He Hanchen, is that of the popular Taiwanese series “The Outsiders.” He said that when choosing the actors, he was not forced to pick the Super Boys. Instead, he said that he picked them for their smiles among a group of candidates. When asked about the complaints of the drama before it even began, he replied, ” I don’t care. I only care that this drama will make people cry and laugh. If it can do that, it’s a good drama.”

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When life gives you mangoes, make news

Updates on the New Meteor Garden, Zhang Jie and Jackie Chan, Chen Chusheng, Guo Jingming and other EE Media/Hunan TV aka Mango TV related news.

Hungry, anyone?

Hunan TV's logo

Everything about the New Meteor Garden is still undecided, so here are the latest “news” flying around. The announcing of the casting of F4 has been moved back again, but the female lead has been chosen. She’s a nineteen-year-old from the Beijing Film Institute. The story will be significantly changed, with different names and backgrounds of each of the characters. For example, Rui might play the piano instead of the violin. Being forever Chinese, the drama will also be less violent and more inspirational. Domyouji has pretty much been confirmed as not from the Super Boys. But of course, as CFensi should’ve pounded into you by now, you can’t always trust what you read.

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“Has anyone told you” that Chen Chusheng disappeared on New Year’s Eve?


Chen Chusheng's self-composed "Has anyone told you" was downloaded 16,564,460 times through China Mobile last year. That's 12 million downloads more than its runner-up, Jay Chou's "Rainbow,"more than one third of all of Jay Chou's downloads (36 million) and more than all SHE songs combined(14 million).

Although you can hear Chen Chusheng’s voice on at least 16 million cellphones in China, you won’t hear it on Chen Chusheng’s own cellphone, which has been turned off since the night he disappeared on New Year’s Eve.

In the midst of  good news for him, including winning the award for the most popular ringtone song, coming out with his new single, and and being praised by Han Hong as the one young artist she liked, Chen Chusheng disappeared during the rehearsals right before Hunan TV’s New Year Concert. He told his assistant he was going to the bathroom, and was never seen again. EE Media says that they have contacted his friends and family, but no one reported knowing where he is.

Has anyone told you, music and lyrics by Chen Chusheng

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New Year with the stars


ee media 2009 family portrait

Wang Leehom, Jolin Tsai, SJ-M, Mayday, Fish Leong, Zhang Liyin, Rene Liu, and the entire ee media family will all spend New Year’s Eve on Hunan tv and ctv’s new year countdown concert. Rumored guests include the new and original F4 as well as David Beckham. Continue reading