Duke of Mount Deer airs

Han Dong tries to sell make up…


Jin Yong fans who are allergic to Yu Zheng can rejoice as Huace Media’s rendition of Duke of Mount Deer, has finally aired on December 20th.  Starring Wei Qianxiang, Lou Yixiao, Jia Qing, Zhang Xinyu, Wu QianZhang Meng, and Han Dong, character stills have been released.  With this 50-episodes monster unleashed last week  along with  Fan Bingbing‘s 86-episode The Empress of China (December 19th) and the recently released 60 episode Red Sorghum, we have to wonder if Chinese networks have suddenly decided to try to make us all go blind.

More stills below the cut.

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Duke of Mount Deer releases new trailer

Your face after seeing this trailer.

With their latest adaptation of Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils as well as Virtuous Queen of Han, Huace Media is poised to release a barrage of adaptations of Chinese epics in literature and history.  Adding to the list of epics will be their adaptation of Duke of Mount Deer, starring Wei Qianxiang, Lou Yixiao, Jia Qing, Zhang Xinyu, Wu Qian, and (probably most importantly) Zhang Meng and Han Dong.

This 50-episodes behemoth has recently released its first trailer (6 minutes!!  A baby by Chinese trailer-length standards).  More stills below the cut.

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Weibo Wednesday: November 20, 2013

Apologies for the lack of normal Weibo Wednesdays in the past… month. If I could spend more time each day scrolling through Weibo for memorable posts, I definitely would, but unfortunately, that’s not what I get paid to do! But we do have a deluge of goodies from the past month, so full speed ahead!

井柏然: 我想和你好好的.必须得看阿2ni@倪妮V

Jing Boran showed his support for real-life couple Feng Shaofeng and Ni Ni‘s first feature film together, Love Will Tear Us Apart (我想和你好好的), calling it a must-watch. Jing Boran and Ni Ni will soon star together in Up in the Wind (等风来), a film about two unlikely friends’ search for happiness, which eventually leads them to Nepal. Up in the Wind opens in theaters on December 29th. Forever LOLing at the person trying to sneak a pic of Ni Ni with their Minion phone in this photo below.

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Stills released from latest Duke of Mount Deer

Zhang Meng plays Shuang’er, the “ideal lover” who gets the most ink-time.

With Han Dong as Wei Xiaobao and Zhang Meng as Shuang’er, the 2014 television adaptation of the Duke of Mount Deer promises to have human eye candy. Shawn Wei Qianxiang takes on the role of Kang Xi, while Lou Yixiao plays the sadistic Princess Jianning. Wei’s most beautiful wife, A’Ke, will be played by Jia Qing, and Viann Zhang will play yet another wife, Su Quan (for those who don’t know: Wei ends up with seven, total). Mu Jianping, the youngest wife, will be played by Wu Qian. Fang Yi will be played by Zhao Ke…

Duke of Mount Deer is set in the Qing dynasty (as evidenced by the bald heads). Wei is a rascal of a man, who manages to endear himself with Kang Xi. Much of the plot results from his efforts not to displease either Kang Xi, or the rebel sect that opposes the Qing emperor. The drama will run for 50 episodes.  Continue reading