The Legend of Sumoer unveils character posters

It would seem that no matter where you lived, you could not escape having to learn the art of turning your head into a delicate pin cushion with hair ornaments.

The Legend of Sumoer has released character posters.  Starring Yan Yikuan, Du Ruoxi, Fu Dalong, and Yue Lina, those who enjoyed the costuming can see more here.

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Yan Yikuan, Du Ruoxi play a couple in Sumoer

Houston, we’ve found a drama with what seems like more of a focus on other ethnic groups without tacky-looking costumes…

It seems like filming has begun for The Legend of Sumoer.  This drama seems set to follow the story of Sumalagu during the Qing dynasty.  At this point, I’m without a good source for this drama and too lazy to look into the other actors other than recognizing husband-and-wife team Yan Yikuan and Du Ruoxi but here’s lots of costumes.

More stills below the cut.

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Photoshoot Friday: February 13, 2015

Yan Kuan, Du Ruoxi share a kiss

As if Yan Kuan and Du Ruoxi’s wedding photos weren’t pretty enough…

It’s one day before the day of love, but since it’ll probably already be February 14 by the time this is posted, what better way to celebrate it than by showing off some couple photoshoots?

First, we have Zhou Xun and Archie Kao looking amazing and cute despite doing nothing other than standing around a car. After that are Yan Yikuan and Du Ruoxi in some outdoors-y shoots, followed by Daniel Chan and wife Wang Yuxian (now three months pregnant with their second child). There are also some pretty solo shots of model-actress Mi Lu (Viola Mi), whom you may recognize as the insufferable model Xiao Xiao from the My Sunshine drama, and Ma Tianyu, just because.

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Photoshoot Friday: Nostalgia

This Photoshoot Friday is late, but…doesn’t Rhydian Vaughan make up for it? He’s in a shoot with Qi Xi. Also, there’s Zhang Meng and Du Ruoxi rocking the crimson lipstick, and Yang Rong looking adorable in all black. Zhang Xinyi is as stylish as ever, sporting various daring outfits; meanwhile, and Joe Chen is the “cute” type of retro (she has crimson lipstick too, oops). There’s also Yuan Shanshan in black and white, and Wang Fei (p.s, she’s kind of back together with Nicholas Tse?) making a magazine cover. Continue reading

Yan Kuan, Du Ruoxi Wed in Bali

Yan Kuan in a blog post on the eve of the wedding: “I will take my stubbornness, loyalty, and courage toward marriage, and solidify them into a sapphire. They will become a wedding ring for you to wear on your finger.”

Actor Yan Kuan and actress Du Ruoxi, who got engaged in April of last year, held their wedding ceremony on Bali Island on March 22nd. Both the bride and the groom, who have been together since 2009, choked up when it came time to exchange their vows.

Yan Kuan, who officially changed his name to Yan Yikuan but whom we’re still calling Yan Kuan for continuity’s sake, arrived with an elephant to escort the bride, since elephants are an auspicious symbol in Southeast Asia. Unfortunately, the elephant devoured the bridal bouquet that it was supposed to give Du Ruoxi. Luckily, the groom had come prepared with a second bouquet.

Although the newlyweds aimed to keep their wedding open to only close friends and family, there were still a lot of celebrities present, such as Du Chun and Ying’er, who served as a groomsman and a bridesmaid. Other attendees included Jeff Bao Jianfeng, Shen Tai, and YOYO.

Check out the collection of pictures (taken by Z&L Studio) behind the cut, including this absolutely precious photo of Yan Kuan tearing up when addressing his princess, whom he called “the best gift that Heaven has bestowed upon me”:

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Weibo Wednesday: October 16, 2013

张翰: 和偶像合个影 咔起来!

Queen of SOP II (胜女的代价2) began airing last month, giving us ample time to soak in its gorgeous cast. Male lead Zhang Han also took the opportunity to tease fans about his relationship with female lead Zheng Shuang, calling her his “idol” in this Weibo post.

Taking a photo with my idol. Click!

Kai Ko decided to hop on the bandwagon and take a picture with his idol as well.
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Photoshoot Friday: April 26, 2013


Sun Li is as calm and composed as ever in a duo black-and-white and Chinese painting photo shoot for L’Officiel; even in modern clothing, she brings a touch of classicism with her poise. Fan Bingbing tries a different approach to keeping cools as she jumps into the pool, an early prelude to summer for Harper’s Bazaar. Meanwhile, actor and Central Drama Academy professor Zhang Xiaolong has found time in between the filming of the drama version of Bodyguards and Assassins for a photo shoot with Men’s Health.On the other side, Bai Baihe reminds you that chocolate is the most healthy food of them all for Women’s Day, you’ll want to watch out for her new movie A Wedding Invitation.

Despite being the main antagonist in idol drama Our Love and upcoming Hunan TV drama “Female Prime Minister/Legend of Lu Zhen, somehow it’s just so hard to hate the lovely Yang Rong. Look below the cut to see her, and the aforementioned celebs in this week’s round-up. Continue reading

Weibo Wednesday: April 10-17

郭敬明: 我的手太短了啦….本来想取个全一点的景….

Guo Jingming may be super busy with directing the Tiny Times film, but he’ll never be too busy to post pretty pictures of himself on Weibo. Unfortunately, he might have to reconsider doing selcas, hehehe.

My arms are too short…. Originally, I wanted to take a photo with more of the scenery….

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