Stills and theme song released for Chen Xiao, Du Juan’s upcoming romance film

Shadowing Your Heart 如影隨心 (lit.)  is based on the eponymous novel by reporter and author An Dun, and tells of the romance between a talented violinist (Chen Xiao) and interior designer (Du Juan). The pair get married almost immediately after meeting each other, though they soon find out that a passionate romance isn’t enough to keep a marriage going.

Faye Wong and Na Ying first performed theme song Time 岁月 at this year’s Spring Festival Gala (English lyrics).


Tony Leung forms an alliance with Kris Wu, Tang Yan in Europe Raiders

When films list Jingle Ma (The Butterfly Lovers, Mulan, Speed Angels) as director, it’s usually a sign for me to stay right away from the very beginning, because his movies always turn out to be so very boring. I’ve heard some good things about the other two Raiders movies though, so let’s hope he doesn’t turn an action flick into a snooze fest.


Photoshoot Friday: June 5, 2015

Zhao Liying is a bride you don’t want to mess with – she’s adorable in this new photoshoot for Bazaar. Meanwhile, Sun Li looks like she could be one of Bai Zihua’s sect sisters, with all the white she’s wearing (p.s: the Legend of Flower is being released June 9), and Du Juan is wonderfully elegant in black and white for Elle. Joe Chen, meanwhile, brings a little more sunlight into her look for L’Officiel. Look below the cut for more pictures.  (more…)