Cast set for The Myth and Legend of Daiyu


The casts for the TV version of  The Myth and The Legend of Daiyu has been announced, with the female leads all being newcomers and Hu Ge and Ma Tianyu being the respective male leads.

Searching for the Dream of the Red Chamber seems to be like the Super Girls of acting. Even before the completion of the drama itself, actresses from the competition have already began to flourish. Lin Xinru of Ugly Wudi was the first. Ying Yezi, who plays Xue Baoqin, then signed on as one of the lead actresses in Meteor Shower. More are coming their way. Bai Bing, who plays Xue Baochai in Red Chamber, signed on to Hong Kong’s EGM and will star in The Myth alongside Hu Ge. Meanwhile, two other actresses from the competition will star opposite Ma Tianyu in an “idol” version of the Dream of the Red Mansion. Min Chunxiao will play Lin Daiyu and Deng Sha will play Xue Baochai.

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Jay, trying to gain acting skills through osmosis

Jay, trying to gain acting skills through osmosis

1. Having released his latest CD, Jay Chou will be trying out acting again. He is joining the cast of “True Legend” aka “Beggar Su” aka “Su Qi Er” , whose name refers to the great martial artist who mastered drunken fighting.

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Red Chamber Cast Goofing Off in Secret

So I decided that this complete hiatus thing isn’t going to work because China has such interesting entertainment news all the time. I’m just going to update slower (once per day?) and see how this goes.

Anyway I found these pics of the young cast. This was from the place I had mentioned before, with the old red guards. The public photos of them had them smiling like they didn’t really know what they were doing but in the woods away from the cameras (except a surreptitious one I guess), all seriousness was gone and they were just being goofy kids which is the most endearing thing I’ve seen them do.

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New ‘Red Chamber’ Cast Goes Red

The barely legal cast of the 2009 version of “The Dream of the Red Chamber” went to every young Chinese’s dream vacation spot, Jiang Xi’s old red guard district, where the red revolutionaries used to live.

Some of the elderly in this still underdeveloped part of China told them to read the novel many times and other sound advice that probably isn’t going to make much of an impression on them since filming is already well underway. This seems like a gimmick by the producers to ingratiate their cast to the seniors of China, who will probably be a large chunk of the viewership for this drama. They want to send a message, that these kids are not hip and cool, and can of course play these classic characters.

An unknown, graduate of the People’s Liberation Army School of Arts Dance Department , Yang Yang is playing Jia Baoyu. I had my doubts before but the picture of him looking slightly amused yet bewildered below really seems to suit the role. Chinese netizens are still torn over this, and can’t make up their mind whether he’s ugly or not.

More pictures of them mingling with the older folk and fake red guards…plus a picture of Yang Yang doing ballet just for good measure.