Poll: Which production would you be interested in a recap of? (updated with descriptions)

Two modern, two ancient, and one in between (sort of.)

Which production (if any) would you guys be interested in a recap of? The options listed in the poll below are mostly movies (Double Exposure, Caught in the Web, Painted Skin II, The Assassins, Tai-Chi Zero…), but if there’s a particular drama you’re interested in, leave a comment and we’ll put that into consideration. (Just note that dramas are a lot more subject to my whims than movies are.) Descriptions of the movies have been added below the poll.
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Fan Bingbing’s hair goes white overnight in upcoming movie Double Exposure

Somehow Bingbing manages to look gorgeous even with white hair.

White hair is all the rage in C-entertainment this year. Following Zhou Xun’s somewhat creepy fox demon in blockbuster Painted Skin II and the title character of drama The Bride With White Hair, Fan Bingbing also sports white hair for her upcoming movie Double Exposure. Use that as a measure of how much pressure her character is under. (Her eyes are also perpetually red, and in the recently released stills, she has tears in her eyes just as often as not.) Huo Siyan of the same movie tries to emulate her with snow crusted eyelashes; a few stills of her character can be found at the end of this post. It seems that Feng Shaofeng‘s character, who cheats on Bingbing’s character with Huo Siyan’s, has an unusual preference for girls’ appearance – or an unfortunate ability to bring it out in his girlfriends.

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Feng Shaofeng, Fan Bingbing collaborate for “Double Exposure”


Bingbing, you’re going to have to liven up a little if you don’t want to be suspected of murder.

In upcoming  movie Double Exposure二次曝光, Fan Bingbing becomes a consultant at a plastic surgery center who inadvertently discovers her boyfriend Liu Dong (Feng Shaofeng) cheating on her with the pretty Huo Siyan. Soon afterwards, Huo Siyan’s character, Xiaoxi, disappears and Fan Bingbing’s Song Qi is drawn into a strange murder case. Yet Xiaoxi continuously appears in Song Qi’s dreams, bringing Song Qi guilt and torment. As the details of the case develop, she finds that another, even bigger secret has began to close in on her. Within this secret, her love, her dreams, and that unassuageable hurt inside her all surface with the advent of one mysterious trip. What Song Qi must face and search for is the life she already lost.

Double Exposure is Fan Bingbing’s third work with her favorite director Li Yu (Lost in Beijing, Buddha Mountain).   will be released on September 29. In addition to featuring Fan Bingbing, Feng Shaofeng, and Huo Siyan, actress  Joan Chen also makes an appearance as Doctor Hao. Stills can be seen below the cut.  IP.