Han Geng injures himself, but still looks great on “Stars in Danger: The High Dive”

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Bleeding? Bandage wrist support? Bring it on!

Han Geng recently injured his mouth after forgetting to shut it during a jump off the 3m platform.  Bleeding ensued, but he was luckily fine and bravely continued to dive later that night. I’m so happy that both TV shows seem to really actually be trying to make the stars work for it, especially given the ridiculous amazing world-class coaches the stars get.

Han Geng will be heading an all star list that includes Vanness Wu, Fu Xinbo, Chen Chusheng, Li Xiaoshuang (?!) the gymnast, Liu Xuan (!!!) the gymnast, Huang Zheng and Sha Baoliang , not to mention diving rock stars Hu Jia , Xiong Ni and Gao Min.  Watch Han Geng’s super pretty promo for it below from xinger geng@YouTube, and expect a post for probably every promo for either diving competition.

Celebrity diving takes off in Chinese television


Raise your hand if you want to see Han Geng, in a speedo!

As celebrity diving takes off in both the U.S. and Europe, how can the world’s biggest diving nation fall behind? Like elsewhere, the two major diving formats, Celebrity Splash 中国星跳跃 and High Dive: Stars in Danger 星跳水立方 are fighting it out in China. Jiangsu TV’s Stars in Danger have already secured the Water Cube as a venue, with Vanness Wu, Chen Chusheng and Han Geng as the so-far confirmed guests. Joining them will be Olympic Champion Hu Jia with the soft and lovely commentator voice.

While the entertainment star power is so far a little less for Zhejiang TV’s Celebrity Splash, it still has  eyecandy in model-actor Zhang Lunshuo as one of the three confirmed guests, not to mention diver-turned-actor Tian Liang and the entire Chinese national diving team. Fu Xinbo has also begun training, although I’m not sure which one

Which stars would you like to see in either competition?

Chinese atheletes for Viva China Sports


The national modeling badminton team

Viva China Sports, the management of some of China’s top sports teams, recently did a new photoshoot for their athletes. Combined with a shoot from 2011, the shoots make-up an unfortunately not-for-sale calendar of some of the sports realms’ best-looking athletes.


The sailor crew diving team

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Aquatic athletes photoshoots: Sun Yang, Ye Shiwen, Shawn Dou, Bao Chunlai, Sang Xue, Tian Liang

1. Sun Yang for GQ

It has to be something in the water that makes them all so adorable. In the bathtub with rubber duckies is swimmer Sun Yang, the runaway 2012 Olympics star. Alongside the pool takes us to Vogue’s photoshoot of diver-turned-actress Sang Xue and host Bao Chunlai, who’ll be making a badminton re-comeback next year. Following them is swimmer Ye Shiwen and actor Shawn Dou for 5th channel. And finally, diver-turned-actor Tian Liang is the only one to really leave the pool with a business photoshoot.

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Guo Jingjing back to the pool


Reporter: If diving were a person, how would you describer her?
Guo Jingjing: She is me, and I am her…
The most beautiful moments of diving are the beginning and the ending of a dive. The beginning is like when a painters picks up her brush, contemplating a perfect picture…When you finish, under the water, you’ll know. If you dived well, your whole body will know. Everything is very smooth, comfortable.

-Guo Jingjing on Cosmopolitan

After hesitating about the threat of the Swine flu, the Chinese diving team finally decided to compete in Fort Lauderdale in Florida in the US Grand Prix on May 7-10. Along with them will be Guo Jingjing, who has been on break doing photoshoots such as the above one until now.

sources: CCTV and cosmopolitan

Tian Liang to dive into Lei Feng


hotness cannot be covered by sand

Diving is known for producing hot guys, and Tian Liang’s one of the hottest (the Olympic gold medals just add to the package). After leaving the team in 2007, he’s became an actor, starring opposite An Yixuan in Nv Lang Zhi Nv and guest starring in Gillian’s Fantastic Water Babes. His next role, which he wanted to act for free, was Lei Feng, a soldier who has posthumously been molded into a myth of selflessness and kindness by the government. In spite of the petition signed by 70 of Lei Feng’s comrades against him playing the role, Tian Liang looks strikingly similar to the portrait of Lei Feng. An interview with Tian Liang below the cut, translated by dbskholic Continue reading