Zhao Liying returns to modern dramas with “Secret of the wife”

Zhao Liying’s secret? There are five elves hidden under that dress ready to take over the room.

While Zhao Liying has made her mark in ancient dramas like Female Prime Minister over the past three years, she’s making her return to modern dramas. First up is the recently finished Secret of the wife 妻子的秘密 with Hawick Lau,  Ding Zijun, Wang Zhi, and Kenny Kwan.  Synopsis below and more character posters below the cut.

Childhood friends, high school sweethearts, and successors to two major companies, Minglang aka the most overused idol drama male lead name ever and Baihe seemed like the perfect couple until Baihe’s family business breaks down. Minglang’s mother wants the engagement called off, and Minglang’s secretary wants him for herself. How will the pair keep their love?

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