Promo Round-up: The Romance of Tiger and Rose

The Romance of Tiger and Rose stars Zhao Lusi (Love of Thousand Years) as a screenwriter who teleports into her own novel, and takes on the identity of the unlikable second female lead. Ding Yuxi (Intense Love) plays the male lead who is supposed to fall in love with the novel’s original heroine.

The 24 episode drama releases 2 eps every Mon-Tues on Tencent.

Opening theme by Wang Haoxuan, Shuangsheng, Ending theme by Huo Zun, First Trailer


Promo Round-up: Intense Love

Zhang Yuxi chases after Ding Yuxi in a romance of two Yuxi’s.

Intense Love stars Zhang Yuxi as Su Jinbei, a brazen actress who falls in love with Zhou Shiyun (Ding Yuxi), a genius doctor who is so engrossed in his career he doesn’t (want to) think any further about the heroine’s light-hearted flirtation.

The Mango TV web drama begins streaming tonight here on Youtube.


Zhao Lusi plays notorious princess in upcoming period rom-com

The Romance of Tiger and Rose 传闻中的陈芊芊 stars Zhao Lusi (Love Better Than Immortality) as Chen Xiaoqian, a young screenwriter who teleports into her own story. She takes over the body of evil princess Chen Qianqian, and uses her knowledge of the script to her advantage. The heroine will have a bickering romance with prince Han Shuo (Ding Yuxi).


Handsome Siblings and The Smiling Proud Wanderer get the remake treatment again

The new version of Handsome Siblings 绝代双骄 is directed by Zou Zicheng (second director of The Stand-In) started filming today, and has confirmed Chen Zheyuan (Legend of Zu 2) as Xiaoyu’er and Hu Yitian (A Love So Beautiful) as Hua Wuque. Hu Yitian’s acting skills is his biggest weakness, and he really needs to pull a Nic Tse (whose good looks could somewhat cover for his wooden acting) to make this work.